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Why waste your precious time looking for documents? Our document management solutions for example document scanning services GUARANTEE savings.

Don't take our word
Independent experts confirm it:

Office-workers spend between 30 and 40% of their time doing non-productive document related tasks - Gartner Group survey

80% of managers and directors of SMEs spend at least an hour each day looking for documents - YouGov survey

Managers spend up to 25% of their time searching for information - Accenture survey


We can digitise all manner of documents including with our document scanning services:

  • Torn and tattered sheets
  • Double sided pages
  • Photographs
  • Colour
  • Large drawings up to A0
  • Bound books
  • Microfilm
  • Aperture Cards

Scanning might sound straight forward, but it isn’t! The documents have to be prepared prior to scanning, for instance they have to be facing the right way and all staples need to be removed. During scanning some document and text quality my not be good enough to allow automated OCR routines to index and label the scanned documents and manual intervention is required to complete a batch of scanning. Our experienced team take the complexities of scanning in their stride to deliver you with fast efficient service every time.

Backlog - don't DIY

Scanning web EDM - lowest cost of ownership in the market is Merlin's online electronic filing facility: it's been carefully designed for ease of use, scalability, and security. You have access to the web, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, and you have access to your documents.

Worried that the internet is available to everyone? You certainly don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry seeing your documents. Fear not - we've provided a secure portal to ensure only those that should see them can.

Need to find a document QUICK? It couldn't be simpler - just enter a keyword and displays a list of hits. Click on one to open it, then page through it, print it, email it, or fax it.

Custom solutions built just for you

There are some applications where the basic version of DocuStor.bizsimply does not supply the functionality required. Here are a few of the embellisments we've been asked to provide:

  • Multiple field indexing to allow searches on more than one piece of information if the first search draws a blank
  • Multiple folder levels
  • Boolean operators
  • Search on content via OCR
  • Presentation of results in different order and or layout
  • Ability to amend index data
  • Check-in/check-out function
  • Multiple user groups with different permission levels
  • Dependency and validity checks
  • Copy and move documents between folders
  • Workflow functions

These are just some of the features that can be built upon the Merlin Basic model, but there are an infinity of variations which can make Merlin look and work exactly as you want it.

Click here to see a demonstration of a more complex operation than the basic, involving multiple indexes and boolean operators. (User name = Genuser and Password = EuroBabel)

Custom solutions built just for you

Merlin Search for CD based data

Simple solution to a complex problem

Your documents are arranged in a multi-layered hierarchical system with multiple index fields requiring Boolean searches between and within fields and you insist on a system that is operates on your own network.

Merlin has an elegant solution that will not break the bank - Merlin Search. This is based on Alchemy technology - one of the leaders in CD-based archiving - and offers total flexibility with ease of use. Like our web-based solutions, you pay for it just once and can extend it to any number of users at no additional cost.

Each time we take away your documents for scanning, the CD we return contains not only the images, but the accumulated index. This means that your latest disk contains index information going right back to the first and can incorporate retrospective changes to data on earlier disks. The presentation of your data has a familiar feel to anyone acquainted with Windows Explorer (and who isn't?).

You already have a system in place? No problem

At Merlin, we are very adaptable and can reverse-engineer our output to suit any known existing document management system. The worst case scenario we have encountered is an ancient system developed from an old computer-aided microfilm package where single page TIFF images replaced microfilm frames and where the complexity of the index format required considerable data manipulation. Our efforts were greeted with amazement by the IT people who had thought it impossible - so we think it safe to say we can handle anything a customer can throw at us.

Please contact us if you would like further details.

Merlin Search for CD based data

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