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Merriott Plastics Ltd can produce compression mouldings in a variety of sizes that will meet your specifications. Our compression mouldings can range from a couple of grams to over 10 kilograms in weight. Our moulding presses range from 25 to 400 tons and they also include transfer ram and side ram presses.

The kinds of compression mouldings that can be produced range from tiny insulators for the electronic industry to whole railway carriage seats for trains.

We select the right material for the project and our advanced materials selection process will make sure you get the right component for your application.

Thermoset Moulding

Injection Thermoset moulding is ideal for applications which require a reasonable volume of components. Injection Thermoset moulding can produce parts at production levels approaching thermoplastic injection moulding rates.

Materials used in thermoset moulding give:

  • Very good electrical resistance
  • Good dimensional stability and rigidity 
Thermoset Moulding

Injection Moulding Companies

Merriott Plastics Group is an injection moulding company and compression moulding company who specialise in technical mouldings with capabilities ranging from thermoset and thermoplastic moulding, tooling design and manufacture and customised component design.

We have 150 years of experience as an injection moulding company, and compression moulding company producing plastic components and developing good links with a number of international companies.

Injection Moulding Companies

Design & Tooling

Merriott Plastics Ltd design and tooling service will give you a complete plastic moulding solution. This design and tooling service covers the concept right through to the actual production stage.

Our design and tooling service is tailored around you and your specifications. We have a project management which will cover the tool design, material selection and component manufacture.

Merriott Plastics Ltd use very advanced CAD and 3-D modelling in the design and tooling phase of your project. We have a team of professional toolmakers and a 3D Moldflow Fill Time Analysis is completed and tool configuration is optimised to keep lead times down.

Finite Element Analysis or FEA ensures that stress related problems are met.

Design & Tooling

Plastic Finishing

Merriott Plastics Ltd offer a variety of plastic finishing services to complement your moulding needs.

Your moulded components can be enhanced with any a variety of plastic finishing services:

  • Drilling
  • Thread tapping
  • Post mould inserting
  • Screen and pad printing
  • Ultrasonic welding

Our plastic finishing services also include: complex assemblies, hot melt fabrication, 3 axis CNC routing and hot staking.

Plastic Finishing

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