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Here at Metalcraft Plastic Coatings ltd, we have 35 years experience in producing specialist release coatings for a variety of applications. Gary Hull, our Managing Director, has a B.Sc in Polymer Science & Technology making him a resounding expert within this field. As a family run company, we understand the needs of your business and the personal attention we are able to offer our customers is something we pride ourselves in.

Other industry qualifications we hold:

  • ANCRT in plastic
  • Member of the Institute of Metal Finishing

Non Stick Coatings

Non Stick Coatings are used in may different sectors including bakeware, industrial coatings and specialist medical coatings. As a company we have the ability and facilities to service all your business needs in this area, whatever the application. We have been awarded the Whitford Worldwide Quality Approved Coaters seal recognising our high standards of application and consistency

Non Stick Coatings

Dupont Coatings

We are an approved Dupont Licensed industrial Applicator which means you can have absolute faith in the quality of our products.

A licensed industrial applicator (LIA) is a company selected by Dupont for its extensive knowledge and experience in recommending and applying Teflon® industrial coatings, as well as for the quality of its workmanship. This makes us a valuable resource for companies not equipped to apply Teflon® industrial coatings themselves. Our capabilities range from coating only one part to handling full-scale production. We maintain inventories of a broad range of Teflon® coatings, which helps us to evaluate and select the coating system for your prototype parts.


Dupont Coatings

Crumpet Ring Coatings

Extremely popular and essential in the commercial kitchen, Crumpet Rings must be coated in order to deliver a quality product. This is just one of our specialist areas within the bakeware sector. Whatever your requirement, get in touch and we'll provide you with that personal service that only a business of our background and knowledge can. Well known within the commercial bakeware sector, we can offer you a high quality finish and ongoing service that you can rely on.

Crumpet Ring Coatings

Commercial Bakeware Coatings

Here are a few typical applications where are experience and knowledge can help your business

  • Exceptional mold release coating.
  • Baguette trays, perforated items.
  • Top-of-stove cookware; food processing; machinery; bakeware
  • Rice cookers and applications where excellent long-term performance is required

If you can't see the application you require here then please just give us a call and have a chat about what you need. Our friendly staff will talk you through your requirements and advise you on the best application and how we can help

Commercial Bakeware Coatings
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