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Machinery Guarding - Our Machine Guards are continually improved working in conjunction with companies like Jaguar and BMW. The main benefit of this product is its 'Drop panel' ability allowing any panel to be taken out for maintenance of the equipment inside our machine guards. Various accessories insure that EN standards can be complied with including the necessity for a tool to dismantle the machine guard. The simple design means minimum fixings and components.

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Server Cages

The Metalmesh server cages are widely used around the communications industry, the end users includes companies such as cable and wireless, verizon, global crossing etc. The use of our piercing corner kit facilitates the installation of fencing through the labyrinth of service cables/fibre optic leads connecting the servers.

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Security Cages

Security cages for all applications including racking cages, car park storage, under flat storage, air conditioning units and maintenance system security.

Mesh security cages provide a safe environment for valuable goods, without compromising visibility for security cameras etc. All our products are of a modular nature for ease of installation and modification at a later date.

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Security Enclosures

Our security enclosures are most often found guarding high value retail goods, particularly in supermarkets. They have also seen more specialist use, such as jet engine storage and maintenance, cable riser protection, battery charging stations. Formula Ford and motorcycle racing teams also use our security enclosures to safely store their vehicles and equipment.

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Groundswork Cages

Metalmesh provides bespoke garden equipment and machinery cages, primarily for use on large country estates, the cage is constructed from high security expanded mesh as standard, although other mesh gauges and styles can be used.

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Light Guards

Light guards/Poly machine guards, Optoelectronics! This is very much an integral party of machine guarding, often perimeter guarding leaves inner areas unprotected due to access requirements. This was identified when the layout was designed. The customers large gear wheels are moved under the press via a track slide, the operator operates the machine via a pendant control. Misalignment can occur and hardened chips or slivers can be ejected with some force, it was decided that Lexan polycarbonate sheet would be a suitable material, its virtually unbreakable characteristics couple with near glass like visibility would protect the operators.

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Security Boxes

Box Cages

  • Back of store, cable risers, gases, pharmacy, cosmetics cds and electronics
  • 2" x 2" - 10 gauge Mesh width pregalvanised partition suitable for both external and internal use
  • Overall height 2350mm
  • Self assembly, Instructions available for download
  • Bespoke cages including differing mesh grids, we manufacture to a wide array of specifications

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Transit Cages

This application gives the ability for hauliers to gain limited access to premises out of hours. The cages are filled during the normal working hours and secured. Drivers have access through an external door and are prevented further unauthorised access to the premises. Complete with ceilings, budget prices can be given prior to survey with the requested information below. Large unobstructed access doors can be incorporated where for example vans are stored inside the warehouse, as can fire escape routes maintained.

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Electric Doors

Electric doors. The Metalmesh Sigma system is used on electric doors that are a requirement due to frequent forklift access where security has to be maintained or the doors shut for safety applications such as aerosol storage. Roller shutter doors can also be fitted to the installation, for such applications like trade counters.

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Doors on Racks

Doors on racks

Creating secure areas within pallet racks and shelving can be an important space saver whilst satisfying the need for quarantine areas, or protection from tampering for goods in transit to sensitive destinations such as the MOD etc.

We can offer either sliding or hinged doors, or complete compounds within the rack, all are bespoke but Metalmesh charges no premium on non standard sizes, bearing in mind there maybe an increase in scrap due to sheet availability.

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SEAP Approved Cages

SEAP Approved Cages. As far as we are aware there is no such thing, well not on the face of it. What we can offer is our product infilled with Expanded metal of Securilath standard, we then compliment this with an approved lock for example such as a Manifoil Mk. 4 with a Medway Locking system.

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