Metalworx Ltd


Formed in 2001 as a management buy-out of Penn Fabrication's (now Penn Elcom) Lighting and Trussing division.

Since then, we have continued with product innovation, tight quality control, value for money, and complete customer satisfaction at cost-effective rates.


Aluminium Trussing

We have a standard range of aluminium trussing sections suitable for applications in theatres and schools, exhibition stands, museums and galleries and night clubs amongst others.

Our standard aluminium trussing sections include:

  • "ST" (box/quad/square)
  • "TT" (tri) "SST" (ladder)
  • "DT" (large rectangular box)
  • "DH" (for double-hung pre-rig)
Aluminium Trussing

CAD Design

Utilising our CAD design facilities, we will be pleased to supply an extensive drawing and component list for your system in addition to any further advice and assistance that you need.

We frequently construct accessories and fittings for customer specifications as well as bespoke bracketry and one-off components.

CAD Design

Aluminium Support Systems

We have a renowned reputation for being a UK-based manufacturer of aluminium support systems including the world famous ''Penn Truss''. As a specialist in aluminium support systems with customer satisfaction a main focus, we will strive to meet your requirements with our innovative design solutions.

Aluminium Support Systems

Aluminium Truss

Aluminium truss is readily available in several design types.

These include:


  • ST Single Length
  • ST Circles
  • ST Corners and Junctions
  • ST Accessories


  • TT Single Length
  • TT Circles
  • TT Corners and Junctions
  • TT Accessories 


  • SST Single Length
  • SST Circles
  • SST Corners and Junctions
  • SST Accessories

Ground Support and Roof Systems

  • DT- System
  • DT- System Accessories
  • GSS Single Length
  • GSS Accessories
Aluminium Truss

Bespoke Metalwork Support

With welders and fabricators qualified to the highest applicable standards, we are often commissioned to produce bespoke metalwork support solutions.

All of our design solutions are backed by internally recognised professionals.

Bespoke Metalwork Support

Ground Support and Roof Systems

For ground support and roof systems, we have a vast supply of high quality aluminium components. Our range of ground support and roof systems includes the following:

  • DT- Systems
  • DT- System Accessories
  • GSS Single Length
  • GSS Accessories
Ground Support and Roof Systems
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