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- YEAR FOUNDED supplies all aspects of microscopy.

We supply many industries with the lab microscopes they require including: Universities, Museums, Colleges, Schools, Veterinary practices and many more.

We also supply cameras, magnifiers, lights and various other microscope accessories.

Education Microscope

We stock a variety of education microscopes.

These education microscopes have excellent mechanical and optical construction and are the perfect option for students.

We stock microscopes with LED illuminations, constant colour temperature, low power consumption and they do not heat the sample. Our educational microscopes are very reasonably priced.

Education Microscope

Industrial Microscopes

Industries in over 70 different countries currently use our industrial microscopes. The Diamond, Food, Brewery, Biology and Pathology industries, to name a few, use our industrial microscopes. 

We are able to modify our industrial microscopes to individual customer specifications if we do not stock a model to meet the needs of your application.

Industrial Microscopes

Specialised Microscopes

We have the ability to supply specialised microscopes for measuring graticules and precision instruments for use with asbestos.

These specialised microscopes are used in industry and education. We have a comprehensive range of cameras, illumination equipment and magnifiers to accompany our specialised microscopes.

Specialised Microscopes

Microscope Servicing

We work alongside L.J. Smith & Sons to provide microscope servicing for all makes of microscopes.

L.J. Smith & Sons have over 40 years of experience with the service and repair of microscopes and are CLEAPSS listed. They provide a free quotation for microscope servicing.

Microscope Servicing

Microscope Accessories

We offers a variety of microscope accessories. These accessories are designed to help you adapt or customise your microscope to meet your particular needs.

Additionally, we supply the following microscope accessories

  • Refractometers
  • Polarimeters
  • Magnifiers
  • Disection Instruments
  • Slides
Microscope Accessories

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