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Meter Boxes Now specialises in the online supply of gas and electricity meter boxes, meter box spares and accessories.At Meter Boxes Now you will find a wide range of meter boxes for residential and commercial properties.

Gas Meter Box Recessed

Our recessed gas meter boxes are manufactured in glass reinforced plastic, Fire retardant to BS476 Part 7 Class 2 and Conforms to BS8499 this adds further protection against the weather and will not corrode Known also as model G01034 by the merchants, the recessed gas meter box houses all domestic U6 and G4 meters and is designed to mirror to standard recessed Electric Meter Box. This box is fully approved to National Grid Gas specifications.

Electric Meter Box Recessed

The standard electric flush fitted meter box houses all domestic electric meters. The design is the same as the standard built-in Gas Meter Box. Cable entry is via the bottom left-hand side, either surface entry through the architrave which protrudes 60mm, or via the building cavity.

In both cases, a cable protecting hockey stick is used between the LPDE ducting and the meter box. The meter box complies with ESI Standard 12-3 external use

Domestic Gas Meter Boxes

Our recessed and surface domestic gas meter boxes are designed and manufactured in glass reinforced plastic and meet BS8499 regulations. Our recessed and surface electricity meter boxes are designed and manufactured to mirror the standard gas meter box and meet BS8567 regulations (domestic electric meter boxes comply with former National Grid standard PRS8).

Meter Box Spares

We offer a wide selection of meter box spare doors, replacement door pins and meter box door keys. You will also find meter box hockey sticks, spigots, repair kits and meter box latch kits. Meter box spares and accessories available please call our team if you have any questions. Normal business hours:  Monday to Friday - 9am - 5:30pm

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