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Here at Meter Mix Systems, we specialise in fluid control and processing solutions including machinery for handling and mixing multi-component resins. Our diverse Meter Mix solutions are suitable for use in a whole range of manufacturing operations. We work with you to ensure we provide the perfect solution for your applications and provide on-site commissioning, aftersales service, and support from our professional and experienced engineers.  


We have developed ingenious Metermix systems for metering, mixing and dispensing an assortment of two-part resins. 

The main applications our advanced Metermix machines are used for include:

  • Potting and encapsulation
  • Rapid prototyping and model making
  • Casting
  • Bonding
  • Filters
  • Filling
  • Bead and gasket laying
  • Coating
  • Insulating glass units

Metering & Mixing of Two-Part Materials

We have a multitude of test facilities for evaluating, assessing and metering of two-part materials such as epoxy, polyurethane, silicone and methacrylate.

We have developed specialist machinery to meet increasing demand for the metering of two-part materials including:

  • PAR 2E
  • PAR 2P
  • PAR 3B
  • PAR 3C
  • PAR 30
  • PAR 50
  • PAR 200
Metering & Mixing of Two-Part Materials


Our XY automation system has been developed for the automatic and precise application of one-part and two-part resin materials. Our innovative automation systems are suitable for applications including profile adhesive application, gasket forming and multicomponent batch work.

The benefits of using our automation applications include:

  • Accurate placement of material
  • Consistent application of material
  • Consistent production timings
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