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With over 40 years experience Michell Instruments manufacture a variety of instruments and analyzers to measure trace moisture, humidity and oxygen in industrial processes. 

With subsidiary offices across Europe, Asia and the Americas, together with a network of distributors providing sales and service support in 56 countries, Michell is able to provide local assistance to customers around the world.

Process Analyzers

Michell’s moisture and hydrocarbon dew-point analyzers provide critical control of these parameters to ensure safety and efficiency in plant equipment for the oil, gas and petrochemical processing sector. Hydrocarbon dew point measurement is particularly important to ensure the quality of natural gas, and the Condumax II on-line hydrocarbon dew-point analyzer is installed on pipelines globally to ensure the quality of gas at custody transfer.

All process analyzers are available with either standard or customised sample conditioning systems to ensure the optimum performance in each application.

Dew-Point Transmitters, Hygrometers and Sampling Systems

A consistent supply of dry compressed air is a vital part of many manufacturing processes as well as in hospitals where it is used for driving instruments and breathing air. Using a dew-point transmitter to control the drying process can save up to 50% of energy costs.

Michell Instruments offer a wide range of dew-point transmitters, including the Easidew dew-point transmitter which is widely used for compressed air applications and the Pura pure gas trace moisture transmitter designed for high-purity applications such as semi-conductor manufacturing.

Portable Hygrometers

Portable hygrometers are ideal making spot-checks of trace moisture, humidity and dew point. Michell’s ranges of portable instruments are designed for fast, accurate and stable measurements of moisture in industrial applications.

The MDM300 advanced dew-point hygrometer provides excellent speed of response along with a long batter life, allowing more measurements to be take each day to ensure maximum productivity. It is also available as an intrinsically safe model for use in hazardous areas and measuring moisture in natural gas.

Chilled Mirror Reference Hygrometers

The chilled mirror technique to measure trace moisture is both accurate and highly reliable as the sensors are not affected by drift over time. Michell’s range of instruments is suitable both as reference instruments in laboratories as well as in industrial applications where high precision and reliability are vital.

Typical industrial applications include controlling moisture in metal-treatment furnaces and environmental control in engine testing. The S8000 RS high precision chilled mirror hygrometer needs no external cooling system, making it the smallest instrument in its class.

Moisture and Humidity Calibration Instruments

Michell’s integrated dew point and humidity calibration systems form the backbone of calibration laboratories around the world and are used in national standards laboratories. The range of calibration instruments also includes the S503 portable humidity calibrator which allows users to calibrate and verify humidity probes and sensors efficiently and cost-effectively in-house.

Industrial Relative Humidity Instruments

Humidity measurements are a crucial part of environmental control not only for HVAC but in industrial process. Michell Instruments specialise in robust RH probes and transmitters which are designed for tough industrial conditions. The range includes the HygroSmart I7000XP Interchangeable Sensor which reduces maintenance time and costs for RH instrumentation.

Analyzers for Oxygen and Binary Gas Mixtures

Oxygen is a critical parameter to ensure safety, product quality and fuel efficiency – but each application benefits from different measurement approaches. Michell offer a choice of non-depleting technologies to enable customers to pick the best analyzer for their needs.

The MSRS zirconium oxide sensor of the XZR500 combustion control analyzer was developed to withstand the harsh conditions found in a volcano. The sensor can be placed directly in the stack enabling highly precise measurements.

The XZR400TS series oxygen analyzers use zirconium oxide technology to monitor oxygen as an impurity in pure gases. The sensor includes a built-in reference for reliability and reduced maintenance.
Available as either general purpose or for hazardous areas, the XTP601 series uses thermo-paramagentic technology and is suited for monitoring blanketing gas or for detecting oxygen as an impurity in biogas.

Michell has also added a binary gas analyzer to its range – the XTC601. The XTC601 binary gas analyzer is designed to measure the percentage of a selected gas in a binary mix. Using thermal conductivity with high quality thermistors, the sensor is reliable and highly stable.

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