MICRIS develop, manufacture and supply a wide range of composite GRP components to many industry sectors.

We specialise in supplying:

  • Equipment storage cabinets to the emergency, fire, safety and lifesaving sectors
    The cabinets are all manufactured from high quality glass reinforced plastics (GRP) for increased durability and equipment protection, allowing use in numerous onshore, offshore and marine industrial locations. From 20 years of experience MICRIS personnel have the knowledge to supply quality equipment storage cabinets that are fit for purpose no matter how challenging the environment.
  • Radomes to global communication system providers
    Radomes are designed, developed and manufactured from polymer composites using polyester resins and foam core materials with glass or polyester fibre reinforcement. We have developed predictive transmit/receive performance software analysis that enables robust and versatile designs to be created for the construction of bespoke radomes using either solid composite materials or core materials.
  • Bespoke GRP components
    Working with our customers MICRIS have the resources to develop GRP components from concept through design, full technical drawing, modelling, and tooling to production. Relevant evaluation and assessment is made at all stages to ensure the final components satisfy the specification and are fit for purpose.

Fire Safety Cabinets

In all the sectors we supply MICRIS are able to support the complete tender process and ensure the specified conditions are met. We can provide all the relevant specification detail and supporting technical drawings to make certain your obligations are achieved.


Fire Safety Cabinets

GRP Components

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The expertise and knowledge of composite GRP materials and production processes is available to you for your next project - contact us to discuss your requirements.

GRP Components
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