Microbas Precision AB


For more than 50 years, Microbas has been the center of precision machining and lapping in Sweden.

We consistently create outstanding levels of precision in both small and large scale components.

The Fine Art of Precision

We machine and lap a wide range of complex geometries from more exotic materials such as granite, glass and glass-ceramics as well as standard materials such as hardened steels and aluminium.

We work in a range of sectors where extreme precision is needed – Semiconductors and Displays, Aerospace and Optics, 3D Printer Makers, Machine Makers and Mechatronics, Metrology, Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Research and Development applications.

At Microbas we love working with innovative companies, both large and small, to make our world a better place.

Our customers in the UK work with us because they value the precision we can achieve, because we have the specific materials, machines and lapping expertise that they need, or occasionally because of production constraints they may have.

Large Machines, Advanced Machines

We own and operate some of the largest 5-axis and ultrasonic milling machines in Northern Europe and together with our master craftsman lappers create world beating precision.


• CNC milling up to 2000x1800x1100 mm, full 5-axis

• CNC ultrasonic milling up to 750x600x520 mm, full 5-axis

• Grinding up to 5000x1600x1500 mm & 4000x2000x800 mm

Precision lapping down to 0.5µm

Semiconductor and Display Industry

Microbas was formed in 1958 by Viking Eskilsson in Hässleholm in the heart of the Swedish Diabase (Swedish black granite) quarrying area focusing on high precision lapping of diabase for the metrology industry.

During the last twenty years as the semiconductor and display industry expanded, Microbas co-developed with one of our customers one of the most stable and precise machine base and air bearing systems in the world using a combination of Swedish Diabas, glass ceramics and lapped aluminum. This enabled our customer to dominate the microlithography market for high resolution screens globally.


Aerospace and Optics

Our expertise at machining and lapping glass ceramics, such as Zerodur, Clearceram and other glass materials has naturally lead us into the aerospace and optics markets. We machine the substrates – e.g. optical flats, spherical and aspherical mirrors etc - to the specifications of our customers and then work with European partners for polishing and coating.

Machine Makers, 3D Printers

Industrial 3D-printers for the rapid production of complex parts require increasingly precise machine bases, components and systems. Microbas is at the forefront of this industrial revolution and is cooperating with large 3D-printing machine manufacturers as a precision mechanics solution provider. The machines we make together with our clients have far higher printing resolution than others on the market.

Master Lappers

Precision lapping is an abrasive method where a lapping tool and a slurry is used to make objects with fine tolerances in flatness and parallelism. The slurries are normally water and an abrasive powder like silicon carbide in different grit sizes. We work with lapping machines, but in order to create the fine tolerances in the large objects that we typically machine, manual lapping is often required as a final step. In many cases precision lapping and machining are required in many different steps in order to achieve the specified accuracy.

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