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Microcopy Services Ltd sell microfilm systems, equipment, consumables and media storage. We have a comprehensive range of microfilm printers and readers.

We have an excellent scanning microfilm document service and document scanning storage / retrieval solution to save you money in terms of racking, rent and heating.

Microcopy can also provide you with advice on the many benefits of our scanning microfilm document service.

Records Storage

The Microscopy Group Ltd can offer you a complete and secure records storage solution for all your archiving of records, forms and documents.

The types of record storage solutions include:

  • Safe digital storage
  • Document storage in the UK
  • Safe file storage
  • Safe document storage
  • Safe electronic document storage
  • Offsite secure data storage
  • Safe online storage
  • Archive storage
Records Storage

Microfilm Scanning

We will help you achieve your microfilm scanning requirements on:

  • Document readers, printers and scanners
  • Microfiche and microfilm
  • Used and new machines

We are one of the leading document storage specialists so if you are looking to convert your microfilm to jpg or tiff images we can do that for you with our microfilm scanning service.

Microfilm Scanning

Online Document Storage

Our online document storage solution is ideal for many industries.  For accounting records, online storage is the best way to do this.


Archive Storage

Microcopy will provide you with a range of solutions for your archive storage. With our experience and expertise knowledge in the area, we will supply you with professional advice with archive storage and cover these following options:

  • Document storage facilities
  • UK cost per box for document storage
  • Building rental for document archival storage
  • Rent document storage services
  • Paper document storage
  • Boxes for archiving storage
  • Document storage systems
Archive Storage

Document Management

We have years of experience in document management that includes:

  • Document scanning
  • Document storage
  • Document retrieval

We will give advice on the benefits and costs of suitable document management to meet your needs and give you great potential savings.


Document Management


Microcopy Ltd provides microfilm systems, media storage, consumables and equipment in the UK. We also supply microfilm readers and printers as well offering a range of professional services alongside.

Electronic Records Storage

Information is usually stored in cabinets and other sundry methods, but electronic records storage is ideal for transfer from traditional methods.

If you would like to find out more about electronic records storage, we would be happy to answer questions on the following:

  • Electronic archival storage media
  • Electronic records management systems
  • CD electronic storage systems 
  • Change management switching to electronic records
  • Technology for business documents and electronic storage devices

Document Scanning

Microcopy are specialists in document scanning understanding they are vital for your business.

We have various services regarding document scanning and a few examples are listed below:

  • Document scanning and imaging solutions
  • Security document scanning
  • Electronic imaging and image scanning
  • Destruction of documents after scanning
Document Scanning

Digital Storage

We have a wide range of digital storage options.

Some examples of our digital storage services include:

  • External digital image
  • Digital image storage database
  • Digital library
  • 35mm film negative to digital converter
  • Digital archiving for schools
  • 35mm SLR to digital


Laminating is ideal for coating posters, drawings, flyers and documents.

Our laminating service coats your documents with a plastic in order to prevent creasing, wrinkles, stains, smudges, marking or sun damage.

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