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PCB layout requires tool sets, a fluid design process with the ability to move back and forth between schematic capture. PCB layout enables the designer to progress quickly and keep on top of design and requirement changes.

We harness this fluid design concept utilising the functions of Altium Designer. Our customers require first concept or prototype designs wishing to minimize board respins. Unlike our rivals, our PCB layout engineers have experience in all aspects of high speed digital electronic design and design for EMC.

Circuit Design

For our circuit design, we use Altium Designer - a unified development system. Schematic design, PCB layout, manufacturing data packs, 3D CAD outputs, FPAG Development and even software development can all be achieved with this one package.

We maintain a high skill set in circuit design, including:

  • High Speed Memory bus design. (DDR2 / DDR3)
  • Precision analogue design
  • FPGA based system design
  • Industrial Control systems, DMS, RS485
  • High Speed communications USB, FIREWIRE, ETEHRNET
  • Wireless communications ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Switch mode power supply design
  • LCD Interface design
  • Touch Screen – Capacitive Touch / Resistive Touch
  • Specialist LED Lighting solutions
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Digital Video Capture and Processing
  • Robotic Control Systems
Circuit Design

Electronic Design Services

From simple 8-bit to 32-bit microcontroller based boards to high density, high speed digital DSP and FPGA designs, we offer extensive electronic design services. We have experience in designing boards from 2 layer to 14 layers, with component density to that as found in today's mobile phones.

Using the latest techniques, our electronic design services are focused on minimizing EMC problems, ground loops and bus timing issues. Our PCB Designers are not CAD engineers - they are highly experience electronics design engineers who can work fluidly through the layout.

Electronic Design Services

Altium Designer

Using Altium Designer, we have the ability to automatically generate all the necessary output files for manufacture from bill of materials to gerber and pick and place files Altium has proven its reliability and efficiency time and time again.

We have a detailed knowledge of Altium Designer from the DXP2004 days up to the present AD10 package. We also offer one to one buddy training on a daily rate basis to help companies who have just moved over to Altium.

Altium Designer

Embedded Software Developer

We are specialists in embedded software development. Applying object orientated design techniques and producing portable and reliable software. With extensive experience of a wide range of processor families from high-end multi core DSP to the smallest PIC microprocessors we can develop software for any target processor.

Our embedded software development skills, include projects involving:

  • Texas Instruments C6000 family DSP
  • Texas Instruments MSP430 16-bit ultra low power range
  • ATMEL AVR 8 – 32-bit cpu’s
  • 8051 Family Processors
  • ST STM32 – ARM Cortex CPU’s
  • ST STM8 – 8-Bit microprocessors
  • NXP LPC2917/19 ARM9 microcontrollers
  • MCF5xxx Freescale COLDFIRE family processors
Embedded Software Developer

Product Development

We have the technical, commercial and engineering expertise to support every aspect of the product development. Our product development abilities extend to:

  • Design Specification
  • Feasibility Studies
  • System Level Design
  • Electronics Design
  • Technology Research
  • Verification and Validation
  • PCB Layout
  • Embedded Firmware and Application Software Development
  • FPGA IP Design
  • Mechanical Design Integration
  • Prototype Manufacture
  • Production Test and Transfer to High Volume
  • Compliance Testing
Product Development

Prototype Board Assembly

For prototype board assembly, we can support you with your design idea by creating cost-effective concepting hardware. With bespoke, low-cost custom design modules available, we can meet your desgn expectations.

Additionally, for larger applications, we have in house the Altium NB 3000 to create complete applications by running soft core processors on the on-board FPGA.

Prototype Board Assembly

Altium Designer Experts

Microdex are one of the UK leading electronic design service providers utilizing Altium Designer for product development. If you need support using Altium or have a complex PCB to layout Microdex can provide the support and expertise you need.

Visit our website or our YouTube channel and take advantage of some of the free training videos we've produced to help you along.

From simple two layer designs to complex flex and high speed digital boards, we are proud to be one of the UK most advanced and proficient users of Altium, utilising all the features from Schematic capture, design rules, through to interactive PCB layout, 3D viewing and manufacturing auto generation. 

Using the power of Altium results is less PCB fabrication errors, other companies may be cheaper but not as thorough. Get it right with Microdex.


Altium Designer Experts
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