Microscal Ltd.

Manufacturers of scientific instruments for surface characterisation, representative sampling of particulates, and artificial fading.

Our flow-through microcalorimeter, the FMC, permits gas-phase and liquid-phase studies and can operate at temperatures up to 240 degrees Celcius. For gas-phase work the FMCs have a ceramic cell and stainless steel pathways, the other FMCs having inert contact surfaces throughout (PTFE).

Our samplers, the Spinning Riffler range, have hopper capacities from 0.025 to 40 litres with various collection options. All have a variable rate vibratory feeder.

Our artificial faders, the LFT range, offer a choice of lamps and sample holders which together allow fading rates from 3.4 to 15.5 times faster than daylight fadeing alone. Cooled sample holders can be provided.

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