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Mifa Aluminium BV, is a Dutch company who specialises in extruding aluminium profiles with tight tolerances. Mifa is able to extrude 10 times more precise than the extrusion standard! We can meet tolerances up to ± 0,015 mm.With our innovative profile design engineering and technology, we can offer profiles of demanding shapes and sizes, a good surface finish, and press extreme thin wall thicknesses from 0,3 mm.

Another unique capability of Mifa is that also small volumes can be ordered, starting from 10 kg per batch. Mifa is able to supply a fully finished component by using in-house facilities such as CNC machining, surface treatment and assembly, or use a technology from Aalberts Industries NV, the group where Mifa belongs to.

Mifa Aluminium: our strengths – your benefits

our strengths

precision extrusion

your benefits
use extrusion in small quantities
use Mifa as a one-stop-shop which eliminates
cost and focuses responsibility

use extrusion to the full extent of
the possibilities and be innovative

engineer your product optimally

use high precision to cut down on machining costs


In the Aerospace market MIFA produces components for civil and military applications. MIFA also produces components used in space.

Thin wall thickness

Precision extrusion allows you to reduce weight using profiles with a very thin wall thickness down to 0,26 mm.


In the Defence market MIFA produces components for naval / marine applications, components for ground based systems and airborne applications. MIFA also produces parts used for training and simulation systems.

Different alloys
For all applications Mifa extrudes the right alloy. See our Technical Specs for the alloys we press.

Microwave & radar components

In the Microwave & Radar market MIFA produces microwave components for radar installations and related hardware, using extrusion and bonding techniques.

Bonding Techniques
Precision extrusions can be brazed easily and coated perfectly in various alloys.


In the Telecom market MIFA produces ready-to-use components for network providers and base station equipment manufacturers.

One stop shopping
By using combinations of extrusions with our in house specialities such as: high-speed machining, casting and plating Mifa is able to serve the Telecom industry with ready-to-use components.

Medical equipment

In the Medical Equipment market MIFA produces components for electromedical, diagnostic, chirurgic, orthopaedic, x-ray and laboratory equipment.


In the Electronics market MIFA produces components that are used in all sort of electronic equipment.

Low volumes
High precision extrusion is offered to you starting in batches from 10 kg.

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