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Mike Ayres has been designing, manufacturing and installing sensory environments since the mid 1980’s (He can’t remember the exact date of the first’ snoezelen’ room he created), and has continued to do so longer than any other company in the UK.

The company has an ethos of providing the very best designs and products available.

  • We develop concepts and carry them through to the completed environments and products.
  • A carefully selected range of products from other companies to compliment our own range.
  • We aim to be the best in the world at what we do, and to always be in the forefront of inspirational and technical developments.
  • We make no compromises in design or manufacture.
  • We have our own extensive production workshops encompassing a wide variety of technologies.
  • When you contact us, you will not be pressed into buying our products. We will listen to your needs, give the best advice we can and let you make the decision.
  • We aim to be the best in our field, because we think our clients should have the best.

About Mike Ayres

Mike Ayres is a professional designer with 30 years experience in creating equipment and environments for people with special needs.

He was instrumental in introducing the Dutch concept of ‘Snoezelen’ into Britain in the 1980's. Since then he has worked on multi-sensory concepts, environments and products for care and education. This web site features many of Mike's original projects.   He continues to work on new concepts for whole buildings, individual environments and products, working with architects, project teams, educationalists and professionals in the caring industry. He aims to design and produce the very best equipment and environments for people with special needs and to enable everyone to function successfully in an inclusive environment.

Sensearound Mobile Studio

Mike Ayres Design is working in association with Brecon Coachworks, a company that specialises in adapting vehicles for specialist use and for people with disabilities.

A new innovation in sensory spaces.
A completely mobile facility, just park and use. It has inbuilt wheelchair and hoist access, air conditioning and a completely resourced sensory space within it.


Built to a very high standard.
The vehicle is ideal for working in rural areas, ‘Outreach’ projects, urban areas where you have no permanent premises, community-based schemes and for visiting people at home. It gives you ‘sensory on your doorstep,’ reaches people who cannot get to a Centre and offers a shared resource for a group of Schools or centres.


Each vehicle is like a room that is individually designed and made to suit your particular needs. We help you to define an exact brief to work to, and then tailor the vehicle, hoist access and the interior to suit those needs. You choose the vehicle specifications, the sensory equipment, the layout of the space and any other options you want.

Sensory Trolley

The original and still the best. Designed by Mike Ayres.

A versatile and mobile sensory resource that can be used anywhere in a building as an addition to a Sensory Room, or as a stand-alone unit; for when you need ultimate mobility or are short of space.


A complete sensory resource or room – on a shopping trolley (albeit a specially made one). You just wheel it into a room, put the brakes on, plug it into one 13 amp socket and it’s ready to use. It comes complete with Switch2 control, switches, sound system and any other equipment you want. You can use the kit on the trolley or anywhere in the room. When you’ve finished, just unplug, bundle everything onto the trolley and off you go!

Soft Play Rooms

Soft play rooms are for boisterous play, to encourage physical development and exploration for all children.
They are also used for sensory work, to encourage motor skills, give physical challenge, for specific teaching and for leisure. Whatever their use, they are great fun!

As well as basic soft play forms, rooms can include a wide range of other equipment to make them even more exciting.

These include projectors, musical steps, activity panels, an infinity hut, a sound system and even intelligent lighting. These give much greater opportunities for interactivity and learning skills.


We will design a room based on your specific needs and manufacture and install it to the highest possible standards.

Interactive Bubble Tubes

The S4 Interactive Bubble Tube is the most advanced, yet easiest ‘interactive’ tool for many teaching, therapeutic and leisure activities.

You can control the colours and bubbles together or separately in a number of different programmes and play co-operative and competitive games with one person or a group of people. This is a very valuable tool for giving choice, enabling independence, learning specific skills and as a sensory experience.
It has 8 programmes or modes enabling highly dependent people to interact with it and each other on a par with physically and intellectually more able people using almost any type of switches.

Multi Sensory Room Products

Sensory rooms provide an environment in which you can create events which focus on particular senses such as feel, vision, sound, smell and taste as well as the more abstract senses of wellbeing, space, time, togetherness and many more we could describe. This can happen in many ways: through special sound and visual effects, tactile experiences, vibration, use of aromas and music – in many combinations and variations.

Sensory Equipment

The Sensory Studio® allows appropriate interactivity by people of all cognitive and physical abilities. They are used for curriculum work at all levels, drama and creative arts, themed environments, for communication and pastoral work, as well as for speci¿c therapy and assessment. A Studio can also be a relaxing and fun environment to explore and experiment in.

Soft Play area

Soft play rooms are whole environments that are completely soft, safe and adventurous places to be in. They are made of fabric covered foam shapes and structures that create wonderfully exciting and fun, spaces in which to play, learn and explore. They can also be created as relaxing 'chill-out' spaces, or safe rooms within your house.

Soft play and Safe rooms are are great for people with physical and learning difficulties because they give the freedom to move around and be challenged in a safe environment.


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