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Hypnotherapy is a gentle and natural treatment that helps you to make changes towards a desired behaviour by creating change in the subconscious. When hypnotised you are relaxed, but your awareness is focused to create or affirm changes you want to make. Because most of our mental activity happens in the subconscious mind (about 90% of it), hypnotherapy works to change the unhelpful patterns and habits we have formed towards positive change. 

Hypnotherapy can help you take control of some of the following issues in your life:

Stop smoking
Weight Management
Stress Management
Performance Enhancement & Confidence – work, sport, music, public speaking
Self-Hypnosis training for personal development

With hypnotherapy you can make positive changes to reduce anxiety and manage stress, which will improve your sense of well-being and can enhance your personal performance. Hypnotherapy is often used by sports people to help them produce their best performances, but this is also suitable for musicians, public speakers and actors, as well as getting the best out of yourself in your job.

Sometimes we have picked up bad habits, such as over-eating or smoking, and the habit has become so ingrained that we can’t remember how it all started. Hypnotherapy will help you to address those issues, even long-established ones, and make the changes you desire. If you are currently attempting weight loss with organisations like Slimming World and Weight Watchers, hypnotherapy compliments and supports these healthy eating programmes, and they can be used very effectively in conjunction with each other.

Hypnosis can help with phobias, such as fear of flying, spiders and snakes and many other things that can hold you back in your daily life. Learn self-hypnosis to help you continue with your personal development.

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