Millers Oils Ltd


Millers Oils produce and market high quality oils, lubricants, fuel additives/treatments and high performance formulations for use in car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle and many industrial applications.

Established in 1887, Millers Oils has a long history of customer service and innovation. Being an independent oil blender we source the best of all ingredients to make the best oil products. Continuous investment in product research and development means Millers Oils formulations are some of the most advanced and effective in the world.

Respected world-wide for product innovation and award winning formulations, Millers Oils were the first to develop commercial vehicle engine oils capable of long drain intervals and were among the first to develop engine oils specifically for diesel engines.

2009 saw the launch of;
• The award winning range of nanotechnology gearbox oils used successfully in motorsport applications.
• The revolutionary petrol and diesel fuel treatments, ECOMAX, which provide vehicles with vastly improved fuel economy and emission reductions.

All products are of the highest quality and exceed required industry standards, many are endorsed and recommended by vehicle and original equipment manufacturers.

Our distribution depots around the UK and a world-wide distribution network ensure we can provide a first-class, responsive customer service wherever you are.

Millers Oils are leading manufacturers of:
• Advanced engine oils
• Transmission/Gearbox oils
• Motorsport oils and lubricants
• Classic car oils
• Fuel additives/treatments for trucks and cars
• Engineering and Industrial oils
• Textile oils

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