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We are the sole and exclusive distributor for Doosan's high quality machining centres, lathes and turning centres, boring machines, and mill-turn centres. The range of high performance machining we supply is second to none and our comprehensive selection is diverse and of an exceptional high standard. 

Doosan, every year announce a variety of new CNC machine tools and machines. This year is no anomaly. Their new CNC machine tools and equipment include the: 

  • New Lynx 200 series lathes
  • New Puma 2100, Puma 2600 and Puma 3100 (8" / 10" / 12") lathes
  • New MX 3100 mill-turn machine
  • New DMN range of vertical machines with Heidenhain controls
  • NEW DNM 350 5AX (5-axis machining centre)
  • New Doosan Puma 700 XLM and Puma 700XLY 5-metre lathes
  • New VTS 1214 (Vertical ram type lathes
  • New DNM 750 vertical machines
  • New Puma 700LY lathe

Vertical Machining

Doosan's range of vertical machining is highly flexible and provides high levels of accuracy and performance. Their vertical machining products are competitively priced and have a range of spindle speeds, toll changer positions and control options. The range of vertical machining centres includes:

  • DNM 400
  • DNM 500
  • DNM 650
  • DNM 750
  • BNM 500 (Heidenhain)
  • Mynx 5400
  • Mynx 6500
  • Mynx 7500
Vertical Machining

High Speed Horizontal Machining

Doosan's high speed horizontal machining offer manufacturers with high of levels productivity and precision. High speed horizontal machining was help to optimise removal rates.

Our range of horizontal machining centres includes:

  • HC 400
  • HC 500
  • HP 4000
  • HP 5100
  • HP 5500
  • HP 6300
High Speed Horizontal Machining

Mill Turning Machines

Mill turning machines are an integration of machining centres and turning centre, designed to provide unbeatable flexibility and productivity.

Mill turning machines enable manufacturers to machine parts with just one machine and the Doosan MX-series can carry out a range of operations from simple turning and milling applications to highly technical, multi-axis and simultaneous machining. The Doosan Mx-series also have an off centre Y axis and combined B axis in order to enhance the range of milling capabilities.

Mill Turning Machines

Horizontal Boring Machines

The Doosan range of high performance horizontal boring machines is the best in the industry and manufactured to the highest standard. They have a durable constructed designed for long life accuracy and performance. Doosan's horizontal boring machines are also equipped with high speed and heavy duty spindles for ultimate cutting capability.

Horizontal Boring Machines

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