Mini Gears Stockport Ltd (Components Worldwide Ltd)


The complete supply package for all your metal components, combining UK manufacture with the cost benefits of overseas sourcing.

Mini Gears, our UK manufacturing site, specializes in gears up to 600mm diameter, racks, transmission parts and specialized machining on the latest 5 axis CNC one hit turning / milling machines.

Components Worldwide is our overseas sourcing division set up to benefit our customers who require substantial cost reductions on high volume requirements of gears, machined parts, castings, machined forgings, stampings and fabrications.

All parts are manufactured to customer drawings and specifications and our product range includes:

• Gears
• Machined Parts
• Racks
• Machined Forgings
• Stampings & Fabrications
• Castings


We are a specialist sub contract gear company and have won many industry awards for our machining capability. All types of gears from 25mm to 600mm diameter can be machined, complete supply or gear cutting only.

Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Ground Gears, Worms and Worm Wheels, Splined Shafts, Sprockets and Timing Pulleys. Gears can be manufactured in a range of materials: Steel (all grades including Stainless Steel), Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Nylon and Tufnol.

Gears can be hardened by Nitride, Induction or Caburised and Harden for all applications.

Machined Components

We have expanded our range of machining capability and now supply a large number of machined only components. With 3 Mazak Integrex 5 axis CNC - done in one hit- machine tools installed we can supply a comprehensive range of turned / milled and gearcut components manufactured to the highest accuracy.

Gear Racks

Large Gear Racks - up to 3 metres long

Mini Gears’ speciality is the manufacture of gear racks for all types of industries including stairlifts, lifts and lifting equipment, drilling machines, valves, switchgear units, linear motion, plus many other diverse applications.

Our rack division is extensive and has a range of machinery to cut, mill and drill gear racks which can be supplied up to 3 metres long with a pitch of up to 6DP (4mod) maximum.

All gear racks are finish cut on our specialist machines to a commercial tolerance.

Small Gear Racks - up to 350mm long

We also have a dedicated rack machine for small pitch racking from 1 mod (24DP) up to 2.5 mod (10DP) where we can cut racks up to 350mm and the maximum material section is 25mm square.

5 axis CNC One Hit Machining

Having 3 Mazak Integrex 5 axis CNC done in one hit machining centres has opened up new specialist markets to us where high accuracy between multiple operations is critical.

Complex machined parts and gears are expertly manufactured in a single set up from a solid bar or raw material including steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium castings, forgings and even heat treated steel.

In one set up components are turned, milled, drilled and, where applicable, gear cut and come off the machine as a finished part. This eliminates multiple set ups, fixtures, tools, handling and waiting time which add to manufacturing costs. Also, by eliminating multiple set ups the accuracy of the component is greatly improved.

CNC Gear Hobbing, Gear Shaping, Milling and Turning

Innovation has always been a great part of the culture since the company was founded in 1966.

With continual investment and over 40 years of machining excellence, components are produced on the latest hi-tech CNC machine tools. We have a large range of CNC machines including semi-manned turning centres, larger CNC lathes to turn blanks up to 600mm, 5 axis CNC one hit machining centres, CNC gear cutting, hobbing and shaping machines.

In addition we have capacity for milling, broaching, gear shaving, slotting of keyways and bore honing, plus many auxiliary operations.

We can cut standard commercial gears or high precision, as used in such applications as diesel engines and high speed pumps.

Ground Gears / CNC Gear Grinding

The gear grinding operation is a final finishing process that removes any small deviation on a gear tooth and is widely regarded as the most accurate way of finishing a high precision gear.

This process is widely used in industries such as automotive, marine, pump manufacture, printing equipment plus many other uses where noise, accuracy and high performance are critical to the finished product.

Mini Gears has recently invested in a Hofler gear grinding machine which is one of the most accurate machines available on the market and, under the correct set up, grades up to DIN 5 can be achieved on a production basis.

We can produce small to medium volume batches with low tooling costs.

Worms & Worm Wheels

Our Worms and Worm Wheels are used extensively in the oil and gas industries. Worms can be ground and heat treated for higher specification applications or finish cut for commercial use.

Mostly supplied to valve industry where fluid movement is required. Also used in subsea applications where usage is low but long life expectancy is required.

Shafts & Splines

We are a subcontract manufacturer for Shafts and Splines. Any number of splines straight sided, involute form in Steel and Stainless Steel.

We manufacture Shafts and Splines for turbine industries, diesel engines, gearboxes, braking systems for such applications as fork lift trucks and for industries that require power take off.

Our Worm Shafts are used in industries requiring the transfer of petrol chemicals, oil, water, milk and other liquids.  We manufacture to both DIN and BSS Standards.


Timing Pulleys

We manufacture Timing Pulleys for power motion applications in such industries as automotive, packaging machinery, bottling machines, labelling machines plus many other machines that are used for automation.

Machined Forgings

We currently source a wide range of forgings for all types of industries from our low cost country suppliers. The forgings are normally delivered either part or fully machined. The biggest savings are from parts that are supplied in fully machined condition.

Typical applications are for splined shafts, all types of gear combinations, brackets for the valve industry and even supports that fix the seats onto a stairlift.

The fact that forgings are so widely used in a huge range of industries gives us the ability to cater for all your requirements.

Stampings & Fabrications

We currently source a wide range of stampings and fabrications from our low cost country supplier. We bring in a wide range of components for all types of industries including stairlifts, oil and gas, safety equipment, industrial ratchets plus many more other diverse applications.

Normally items with a higher labour content show the biggest cost savings.

Punched, formed, welded, drilled and tapped parts.

Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys. Various surface finishes available e.g. Zinc Plate (mild steel) RoHS compliant Electro Polish (stainless steel).


We currently source a wide range of high quality castings in both ferrous and non ferrous materials.
Weight range, post casting processes and material specifications vary for each process available:-

• Investment Casting
• Lost Wax Casting
• Gravity Die Casting
• High Pressure Die Casting
• Sand Casting

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