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Here at Miniveyor Products Ltd, we are the leaders in supplying confined space equipment with a worldwide distribution network. We supply confined space equipment to the construction, mining and tunnelling industry to improve productivity, reduce manual handling and cut labour costs.

Miniveyor Portable Conveyor System

The Miniveyor portable conveyor system is a powerful and flexible temporary system originally produced in the early 1990's. The Miniveyor portable conveyor system can move up to 20 tonnes per hour and is used on many projects including basement excavation projects and underpinning. It only weighs 73 kgs, and can be carried into position and set up in a matter of minutes.

A2B Modular

The A2B modular is our largest portable conveyor and can move over 150 tonnes per hour. The A2B modular system is extremely flexible and can be built on site up to a maximum length of 24 metres.


If you are looking for a mechanical handling solution, the Indiveyor portable conveyors will solve your problems. The high quality Indiveyor portable conveyor is strong, reliable and is very quick to install. It is ideal for moving, loading and stacking boxes, thereby saving you time and money. Made from stainless steel, they are easy to clean and are suitable for food products.

We also produce a range of accessories which include wheeled trolleys, indiroll roller track and leg kits.  

Miniveyor Air Confined Space VAF Fans and Blowers

The Miniveyor air confined space VAF fans and blowers can effectively operate as fume and dust extractors to increase the flow of fresh air in confined spaces or buildings. The Miniveyor air confined space VAF fans and blowers are strong and durable and come with a 10 year body warranty. They are a popular choice for the construction, boat building, mining and welding industries.

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