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The parent company of Mink Brushes, August Mink KG, started out as a small German brush manufacturer in 1845 and has over the years developed to become a worldwide market leader in the manufacture of technical / industrial brushes for machinery and plant engineering. The medium-sized and family-run company offers innovative solutions particularly for conveying, supporting, cleaning, dusting off, protecting surfaces, sealing and guiding. Mink Brushes manufactures over six million brushes annually, including strip brushes, roller brushes, brush belts, brush tables, web spreader rollers, pharma brushes, antistatic brushes, disc brushes and special design brushes. A wealth of ideas, innovations and continuous improvement of products and processes ensure competitive advantages for our customers.

Brush strips - sealing

No matter what the application – sealing, cleaning, wiping, guiding or conveying – the extensive MInk range of strip brushes offers a multitude of profiles and materials, plus a wide range of bristle types, allowing an almost unlimited number of combinations and a perfect solution to your specific problem.

• Extreme versatility in structure and function
• An exceptionally wide variety of sealing uses such as sealing on doors, windows, draught excluders, cable management, data cabinet and server room sealing etc.
• Safe conveyance and guidance of fragile products with vulnerable surfaces
• Effective removal of oil-impregnated dirt, chaff and metal chips on the running tracks of cranes, sliding gates, gantries and conveying equipment
• Separation and isolation – frequently necessary tasks that can be performed in a cost-effective manner with Mink brush strips.

Belt Brushes

Mink Vee-belt brushes (BKR) – Moderate prices and prompt delivery

Mink Vee-belt brushes are resistant to dust, dirt, moisture, oil, grease and common chemicals. Moreover, they’re ideal for use in small spaces. They can be supplied in both open-ended and endless versions. We also supply Optibelts where required. Vee-belt brushes are inexpensive and can be delivered promptly.

• Belt speeds up to: 20 m/sec.
• Working temperatures: -15°C to +80°C
• Long-lasting
• Practical solutions for immediate use


Mink flat-belt brushes (BFR) - Solutions for transverse cleaning and conveyance

Mink can supply you with flat-belt brushes, either open-ended or endless, in a combination of materials that has proved its merit: high-quality chrome leather as the backing material, a polyamide tape and an additional surface coating. Suitable belts and bristle materials are available for use in all environmental conditions, including oil, grease, chemicals, dirt and moisture.

• A perfect combination of materials
• Special bristle configurations and types for "pushing" action
• Reliable conveyance of all kinds of goods
• Ideal for transverse cleaning of conveyor belts and many other applications

Brush rollers

Mink brush rollers can be applied to solve problems in a wide range of areas, and our engineers have the ideas to exploit this potential. When it comes to flexibility, no industrial tool can match these brushes. We offer a huge selection of models: roller brushes (with stub shafts), round brushes (with hollow centre spindle, no shaft), the Mink HP-System (two half segments, without shaft) and the Mink Zick-Zack-System (modules, with or without shaft).

• Suitable for goods of all kinds
• Versatile and economical
• Maximum cleaning power combined with optimum surface care
• Form and stiffness adjustable according to individual requirements
• Less need for cleaning agents thanks to the mechanical action of the bristles – economic and ecological benefits

Mink round brushes from stock (RUB) - Stock products for fast results

Whether you need small or large quantities, Mink can deliver round brushes to you from stock – quickly, inexpensively and in consistently high quality. In this way, you can get instant solutions to many problems that come up in day-to-day work. When special demands arise, we’ll be happy to make our full range of services available. Our engineers will provide individual advice, and we can make modifications to standard brushes or manufacture special products to fit your needs.

• Instant solutions to your problems
• Protection of surfaces against damage, reduced need for cleaning additives
• Gentle transfer of freshly painted products
• Hygienic application of glazing, plus many other applications

Disc Brushes

Mink disc brushes – An infinite variety of forms, sizes and materials

Mink disc brushes are finding use as exceptionally versatile tools in countless industries. Whether you apply them for cleaning, for the deburring of injection mouldings or metal workpieces, for sealing or for polishing, your imagination – and that of our consultants – is the only limit. We can draw on our experience in producing some 15,000 different disc brushes, with body diameters of 8 to 1100 mm. Whatever your problem, we can solve it.

• Recommended for difficult washing and cleaning jobs
• Excellent for deburring and surface treatment
• Highly effective as sealing elements and as components of gliding and carrying systems

The new Mink TBS–System – Innovative solutions with disc brushes from stock

The new Mink TBS-System is a flexible and economic alternative to our disc brushes. This solution is
fast and straightforward for effective surface treatment and is easily adaptable in the production process.
Three different sizes, mountable on standard 20 mm shafts offer an overall diameter ranging from 45 to
100 mm with a bristle of height of 10 to 30 mm. The bristles are made from black nylon, which has good
resistance to chemicals and is suitable for a wide temperature range from –40 to +80°C. For especially
gentle cleaning tasks we can offer black horsehair fibres. The injection moulded brush bodies are
manufactured at Mink Bürsten and then bristled to completion.


  •  Immediately mountable through the integrated thread insert and feather key grove
  •  Gentle surface treatment
  •  Quick delivery / attractive prices

Antistatic Brushes

Mink antistatic brushes (ABL) – Reliable protection against electrostatic charge

Static electricity is generated when surfaces rub against one another or are suddenly separated after being in close contact. This phenomenon is frequently observed as an annoying tendency of charged components to “stick together”. In some situations sparks are produced, possibly triggering explosions. Costly interruptions of production can result, but Mink antistatic brushes can provide a reliable means of prevention. That’s because Mink antistatic brushes consist of an aluminium body with carbon fibre or ultra-fine stainless steel wire bristles. Electrostatic charge is safely passed from the tips of the conductive bristles to the metal brush body. Charge is dissipated in a carefully controlled manner, preventing high voltages from building up.

• Greater safety in processes involving films, textiles and paper
• Prevention of interruptions in production
• Protection of people and products

Brush Tables

The Mink Care-System – Support of vulnerable surfaces during assembly

The Mink Care-System panel brushes consist of countless flexible bristles, which enable the reliable conveyance of vulnerable components. Due to the many possible bristle heights and bristle diameters it is suitable for a variety of applications. Short and relatively hard bristles for heavy components, soft bristles for very vulnerable surfaces, or high bristles for goods with fittings (i.e. furniture with hinges, bolts or handles).

• No damage from swarf
• Noise reduction
• Simple conversion of assembly workstations
• Universal application
• Partial replacement possible

Mink special brush tables for conveying and support

Mink brush panels reliably prevent damage to surfaces. Sensitive surfaces, e.g. sheet steel, furniture panels or glass, can be easily pushed around and conveyed on thousands of individual flexible bristle tips.
By angling the bristles there are additional advantages - optimal gliding in the direction of the angled bristles or conversely the bristles can act a brake and allow a stacking or slowing down of products. The positioning of the bristle bundles can also be designed to cope with the wide range of demands for each particular application.

• Large brush panel work areas to support sheet steel can be created - with contour forms or cut out areas if required.
• There are no barriers to size and shape
• Bespoke designs are possible by selecting from various brush panel materials or bristle material types

Special Brushes

Mink special design brushes – Showing our full potential

Can't find what you are looking for in our standard catalogue range? Machines and systems that do special work sometimes require specially made products. We’ll provide the best possible support for your projects and designs in all the relevant applications: conveying, gliding, guiding, cleaning, washing, dusting, sealing or removing static. Long or short brushes, hard or soft bristles, special colour or standard, we’ll make it possible. With our many years of experience in a wide range of industries, we can come up with the right ideas and implement them economically.

• Special dimensions, special shapes, special requests of any kind
• Excellent project support
• Both special brush bodies and bristle configurations are possible
• Wide range of materials

Brushes for stillages

Gentle conveying with Mink bristle technology

Surface quality requirements are constantly rising.  In sectors where sensitive parts are manufactured and must be transported internally and externally - such as in the furniture industry -, companies often face high costs for rework or even replacing components due to damaged surfaces.
The highly flexible bristles of Mink brushes for stillages guarantee optimal adjustment to fit around the component: they fix, cushion, support and protect sensitive surfaces like no other solution. The soft bristles ensure gentle, damage-free support while providing high stability.

We offer our customers tailored solutions. Existing stillages can usually be retrofitted with Mink brushes without any problem.
The uncomplicated installation ensures an excellent cost/benefit ratio. Our technical managers would be happy to provide you with information on what they can do and to match the technical details to your intended uses.

•  Inexpensive fitting and easy replacement
•  Very low friction coefficients thanks to point-like areas of contact
•  Flexible fibres prevent scratches, markings and shiny spots on sensitive and coated surfaces
•  Noise reduction
•  Simple retrofitting of existing transport racks possible
•  Debris falls between the fibres

FBL - Flexible strip brushes

Mink Flex-System (FBL) - the world’s most flexible strip brush – as variable as your needs!

The flexibility of the Mink Flex-System will help you to find an optimum solution to your sealing, cleaning, guiding or wiping application. The flexible brush body can follow any axial or radial contour. You can choose whatever length you require – up to several hundred metres! Cut off exactly the amount you need from a storage-friendly roll.

• No waste: cut off only as much as you need
• Choose from a wide range of standard profiles and combinations using plastic or natural bristles
• Store in space-saving stackable boxes or coils
• Easy fitting: tape, push or clamp on, even along curves

Solar panel cleaning

Photovoltaic systems must be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure maximum efficiency. Rain is insufficient for this purpose, so additional cleaning by means of brushes is necessary. Rotating brushes remove even the most stubborn dirt without causing surface damage. Mink brush technology offers an added advantage in winter - brushes are being used more and more for snow and ice removal. In addition, Mink brushes are used to protect sensitive solar panels from scratching during production.

• Efficient washing and cleaning of components during production
• Reliable protection when fixing and conveying delicate components
• Low coefficient of friction, allowing products to be moved easily
• Damage-free manufacturing thanks to the gentle bristle surface
• Careful cleaning of modules on roofs

Door seals

Whether industrial doors, garage doors, roller shutter doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, gates, windows, conservatories, bifold doors or patio doors - you are sure to find a suitable brush seal in our extensive range of strip brushes! Both aluminium and plastic strip brushes as well as flexible strip brushes (usually supplied in 25 metre rolls) are available to suit your requirements.

A wide choice of bristle materials, bristle length and bristle diameters ensures that our solution is ideal for any door sealing application.

Why not ask for a free of charge sample pack today?

Conveyor brush belt system

The Mink Belt System (MBS) is superior to conventional conveyor belts, which explains why this concept is preferred by customers in so many different industries. This modular brush conveyor belt can handle products of every conceivable kind, while preventing damage and avoiding contamination and noise. The bristle surface can be adjusted to the required degree of gentleness. If repairs become necessary, individual modules can be replaced quickly and easily. The belts are highly resistant to acids, alkalis and heat.

• Gentler than conventional conveyer belts
• The ideal way to convey products that are susceptible to dents and scratches on inclines
• Quick and easy assembly
• Superior technology at an attractive price
• Low noise
• Dirt falls between the bristles, no damage to surfaces

Applications: Fruit and vegetable conveying, conveying in the wood and furniture industry, conveying of coated metal products, gentle conveying to prevent surface damage etc.

Glass washing brushes

Mink Brushes manufactures round brushes for both horizontal and vertical glass washing machines and can supply inexpensive replacements for existing brushes on your glass washing machinery.

The Mink Zick-Zack-System is particularly suitable for this application. The "ZZB-system" consists of toothed 100 mm long modular brush segments, which are a quick and easy to install solution – the brush segments simply slide on a shaft with no need to replace the whole brush; individual segments can be replaced as and when necessary. This offers not only an easy maintenance option but cost savings too!

• Cheaper and easier maintenance of glass washing machinery
• Quick refurbishment reduces machine downtime
• Available in nearly unlimited variations of core diameter, overall diameter and adaptable for any brush length
• Wide choice of bristle materials, bristle diameters and density dependent on your individual requirements
• Suitable options available for nearly any glass washing machine type

Mink Zick-Zack-System

Mink Zick-Zack-System (ZZB) – modular roller brush system

The bristles on roller brushes often wear down only partially. Changing rollers for cleaning or washing is time-consuming. Using the Mink Zick-Zack-System minimizes the resulting extra costs. The individual modules can be changed quickly and easily, without the need for special tools. Drawn-out and costly downtime of the machinery can thus be avoided. The tightly interlocking Hirth serration guarantees a uniform and continuous bristle surface, plus excellent concentricity with no streaking. Additional effects, e.g. for dispensing, polishing or positioning applications, can be achieved by using segmented, chevron or spiral bristle designs or by profiling the surface.

• The brush assembly can be replaced easily and quickly
• Quick and easy fitting for first-time use and after wear
• Replacement of individual brush segments is possible
• Continuous and streak-free bristle surface thank to ZZ shape
• Different bristle diameters and overall brush diameters on the same shaft are not a problem
• Tight fit and centring of the segments thanks to Hirth serration
• Special bristle configurations are possible such as chevron design, spiral design, etc.

Web spreader roller

The Mink web spreader roller (BSW) – to prevent creases on webs of film, paper, nonwoven and textile materials

Systems for guiding the movement of plastic films and webs have a strong tendency to create wrinkles, resulting in defects. Mink web spreader rolls™ offer a dependable solution to this problem – at unbeatable prices. The bristles, which are inclined at a precisely determined angle, push out on the film from the centre, ensuring that it stays smooth. Marks or imprints that could impair quality are prevented. Mink web spreader rolls can easily be installed at every critical point in a system. Because they are so inexpensive, it even pays to use them as a replacement for pinch rolls. The free-running rollers, mounted on ball bearings, rotate much more easily than other types of spreader rolls. Mink web spreader rollers can be delivered ready to install within a few days, according to your dimensions and specifications.

• Plastic films, paper, nonwoven and textile webs are kept perfectly smooth during processing
• The spreading effect begins right where the spreader roll and web make contact
• Even spreading all the way to the edge of the web path
• Superior to traditional solutions such as rubber rollers, banana rollers etc.
• Different versions available to suit a variety of web speeds and materials
• Also available in a smaller version for tight spaces

Sealing on wind turbines

Leading companies in the wind turbine sector, such as Repower, Nordex, Vestas, Enercon and Bard, have developed brush sealing solutions in close consultation with Mink Brushes.

The principle of numerous bristles with a point-like contact area distinguishes brushes from comparable products made from rubber or foam. Bristles can be adapted to the task at hand. By choosing between a large variety of bristle materials, diameters, heights and grades of bristle density, a brush can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

• Offering protection from the climatic influences of seawater whilst simultaneously allowing condensation moisture to escape
• Resistant to temperature changes, ozone and UV
• Flexibility of bristles to cover a large tolerance area
• No freezing during frost, no colour abrasion

Label brushes

Mink brushes are used on labelling machines in the bottling industry. Whether bottles are made of glass or PET - they need to be labelled! After an adhesive is added to the label, special Mink brushes push the label to the particular shape of the bottle. Thus the content of each bottle is easily identified.

If you have a labelling machine, we can most likely supply replacement brushes to suit!

Pharmaceutical brushes

Mink-Brushes is an OEM brush supplier to packaging machine manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector. FDA approved Mink brushes are used in the production process to sort tablets in brush boxes and to push into blister packs. Mink can also supply replacement requirements at very competitive prices and assist with specifications. Brushes can be marked individually for traceability.

Furthermore, we can assist with design of special brushes for applications where tablets are soft-coated or of a size and shape where the fitted brushes are not bringing an optimum performance.

Mink Kett-System

Mink Kett-System (KBL) – conveying and cleaning

Using only a few inexpensive parts, highly effective brushing stations can be constructed at minimal cost. The Mink Kett-System can handle a wide range of tasks, including conveying, transverse cleaning and positioning on conveyor belts, and controlling the movement of delicate objects.

• An alternative to roller brushes, round brushes, flat-belt brushes, toothed-belt brushes or vee-belt brushes
• Simple design, dependable operation
• An efficient conveying solution that reduces waste and enhances safety
• Quick assembly and adaptation to new tasks

Perforation brushes

Perfect results in hot and cold needle perforation

Ready-to-install, resistant to wear and inexpensive: Mink perforation brushes ensure impeccable end products in e.g. hot and cold needle perforation. Unlike traditional rubber or grooved rollers, the needles sink in between the bristle bundles; damage to the roller is thus minimised.

Your advantages:
• Even support of materials
• Resistant to wear due to flexible bristle surface
• Needles sink in between the bristle bundles
• No marking thanks to special bristle technology
• Ideally suited for micro perforation
• Suitable for high temperature applications
• Complete supply from a single source

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