Mixit Stirrers


These versatile machines combine many unique features to give a performance that will solve mixing problems and save the expense of modifying your storage facilities.

We supply the following machines:

  • Industrial/Agricultural stirrers
  • Agitators, under slat, lagoon
  • Mixers
  • Above ground tank stirrers

With no immersed bearings Mixit stirrers/agitators/mixers will mix any fibrous/aggressive medium - mining/meat/food/paper waste/chemicals etc.

Unique features:

  • No vulnerable bearings immersed in the liquid (slurry) - The tube rotates in two grease lubricated bearings on a (tractor mounted) frame.
  • The auger on the rotating tube slices through (thick and weedy) material allowing unimpeded circulation whilst mixing, unlike conventional stirrers with supporting framework.
  • The impellers/propellers, with TWO sets of axially spaced blades avoid the cavitation experienced with conventional impellers. 
  • Tube lengths of 4 to 8 metres are standard. Shorter/longer to order. With no end bearing string, wire, sinew etc. is harmlessly collected on the rotating tube saving (umbilical) pump downtime.
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