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Here at Mobius Networks, we are one of the first dedicated machine to machine (M2M) providers in the UK using a secure mobile network. We are recognised as one of Europe's leaders in this sector. We are focused on delivering reliable smart devices with dedicated service and accurate billing with some of the highest levels of security available.

Our smart devices and services include solutions including:

  • The Right Data Communications Solution - SIM and/or Satellite
  • Reliability - the highest ‘work on delivery’ rates in the industry
  • Security - one of the most secure Private Mobile Networks in the UK
  • Reduced Costs - our billing is to the byte – the most accurate in the UK
  • Global Coverage - single source provider of multiple applications

Alternative Car Park Ticketing

Alternative car parking ticketing is just the beginning when it comes to making the most of M2Ms efficient installation and low running costs. Our alternative car parking ticketing solutions means authorisation for ticket is completed within seconds always on GPRS.

Security and Surveillance

We provide back-up security and surveillance systems in case your landline is cut. The reality is that it could be cheaper to do away with the landline altogether. Should the thief be sophisticated enough to jam any radio systems, GPRS security and surveillance units can even recognise when they are being jammed and send through emergency signals to your site.


We provide messaging solutions to enhance your business. Messaging solutions include keeping bus time tables up to date, city car park information, the accurate arrival time of your locksmith and even text delivered coupons. We are developing other mediums as well as text. More and more companies are looking at how they can increase advertising revenue by controlling advertising remotely or even downloading content to transit sites, cab tops and public transport.

Fleet Asset Management

Our fleet asset management systems enable you to tell the location of every vehicle, its mileage and petrol usage, running idle time and over accelerating. Our fleet asset management systems can redirect your fleet to a new customer or to avoid a bad traffic problem.

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