Modern Door Closers Ltd

A new innovation where the closing mechanism is in the hinges.

A genuine high quality product that is truly cost effective by at least 45% on both material and installation cost over the more traditional closers
We are the Sole Distributors for a high quality hinge that has the door closer mechanism incorporated into the hinges themselves

This new product has extremely strong advantages over the traditional systems in as much that:
  • Ideal for fire doors that open directly against a wall in a corridor.
  • Linear closure rate for the FULL closing arc.
  • No separate hinges required.
  • Manufactured using Duralumin, tougher than steel.
  • No cutting into door or frame. Direct fixing with screws provided.
  • Installation time can be reduced by 60%.
  • Easy access for adjustment of the spring and hydraulic hinges.
  • Used on doors up to120kg/140kg.
  • Fire tested, double door, 1hour, BS476: Part 22: 1987.
  • 5 year exchange Warranty.
  • Huge savings on material cost compared to traditional systems.
  • A selection of modern and traditional finish
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