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We are innovators in applying laser measurement and technology for online measurement and process control. We have a wealth of experience providing non-contact laser measurement devices and sensors and systems to a variety of industry sectors, mostly in-line process measurement lasers for process control.

Our range of  laser measuring products include a variety of laser distance meters for positioning cranes and laser triangulation meters for precision measurement of product thickness and profile.

The industry sectors we have provided advanced technological laser measurement for include applications for the rolling mill, caster plant, sawmill and in the food, plastic, processing and pharmaceutical areas.

Laser Distance Meters

Our LT2000 series of laser distance meters offer a low cost meter operating via visible red 650 nm laser beams. It provides measurement off reflectors of up to 100 meters or natural surfaces up to 20 meters.

Our LT2000ST incorporates air coolant chamber venting as an air purge and a water coolant chamber option. Laser distance meters can be used to measure product width and lengths or machinery by positioning via a target reflector.

Laser Scanners

MLSO2 series of laser scanners work via a laser triangulation off an internal rotating mirror. It provides a 50° arc of laser scanning measurement and laser scanners can generate both distance and angular positions.

This provides the user to measure the product with the profile or width and thickness of the product. These laser scanners are ideally used for generating edge profile of product on the line or as a width gauge.

Laser Proximity Sensor

The LP100 laser proximity sensor offers a low cost laser operating via a visible red 650 nm laser beam. These laser proximity sensor products provide measurement off reflector at up to 75 meters or directly off natural surfaces up to 10 meters.

They incorporate a display and keypad for digital outputs with zero offset and a span of 4 - 20 mA.  They are suited for detecting passing product and automated machinery and is perfect for measuring levels in silos and the detection of products in process to avoid collision.

High Performance Laser

Our high performance laser series include the 1000D model and operate via TOF measurements and have combined into the design a keypad and LCD display to allow the laser to be programmed without the need of a PC connection.

High performance laser products have an intelligent design with class I eye safe laser, typically used for crane control long travel of up to 800m.

They are also used for width and length measurement of products and can be relied upon to still perform to high quality in harsh environments.

Laser Triangulation Meters

Our laser triangulation meters are precise lasers available in three families according to range and accuracy requirements. Laser triangulation meters feature ranges up to 4m and provide high resolution measurement of between 10 micron and 0.5mm.

They are suited for measuring product thickness, tension control or coil winding, as well as precise width measurement. They are available with RS232 or RS422 Interface and analogue output to be configured on request.

Laser Level Sensors

The MDCLS models of laser level sensors are tailor-built for measuring molten liquid non–ferrous metal. They are used in the casting plant at the header box and launder and offer level control for the liquid metal pump. T

Non-contact laser level sensors are supplied in a stainless secondary protective enclosure and are resistant to wear and combine temperature and out of range alarms. Laser level sensors have an auto gain to brighten the laser.

Retro-Reflect Laser

Our retro-reflect laser models provide highly precise product detection and alignment is simply achieved via the visible red Class II laser beam.

Retro-reflect laser products are available with output replay and NPN and PNP 500mA transistor outputs. They incorporate an air coolant chamber venting as air purge and are available with temperature ratings up to 240oC.  

Barrier Laser

The VR504 barrier laser has a reliable, invisible ToF Class I laser designed for penetrating even the heaviest contaminate. This includes stems, fog and furnace flames and works depending on the ferocity of the conditions.

Barrier laser models incorporate a secondary alarm output and adjustable level for indicating lens contamination and misalignment.

They are enclosed in durable stainless steel housing with optional cooling jackets.

Laser Emitters

Our reliable laser emitters are suited for use in heavy industry and are supplied with a green laser with five times the visibility, ideal for outdoor use and viewing by CCTV.

Laser emitters have focusable optics to provide isometric linear laser beams. We also have stand alone lasers for 80-250 VAC connection.

Thickness Gauge

Our thickness gauge measures hot plate to a precise accuracy of 120 -250 micron. Our fully automated thickness gauge operates via a motor driven 2 tonne C Frame. 

They have a variety features to provide automatic high resolution thickness measurement in the rolling mill. Some lasers are mounted within water cooled chambers and this feature provides incredible, long term accuracy.

Width Gauges

Our LD600 width gauges are available in a variety of models utilizing laser distance meters or laser triangulation meters. They can determine width according to the client's accuracy requirements and factory layout restraints.

The various laser heads for the width gauges are determined by the width dimensions and the client's accuracy requirements. Our wide range of gauges means we can select the correct width gauge so accuracy is never compromised.

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