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Monodraught SUNPIPE light pipes offer silver aluminium tubes carry daylight down into the room below them.

Light pipes distribute natural daylight using the patented Diamond dome. It seals the pipe against ingress of dust, rain and insects. With light pipes there is very little heat loss in winter months and solar gain is dramatically reduced during summer months.

Monodraught Ltd

At Monodraught Ltd, we continue to develop and explore new and advanced concepts to provide solutions that use available energy from the sun and wind. Monodraught Ltd offers their customers reductions in their energy consumption, carbon footprints and costs.

Key products from Monodraught Ltd include the WINDCATCHER natural ventilation systems, SOLA-BOOST solar assisted natural ventilation, and the SUNPIPE natural daylight systems.

SUNPIPE Natural Daylight Systems

Our SUNPIPE natural daylight systems direct sunlight into a room from roof level and collect daylight using our patented Diamond dome.   SUNPIPE natural daylight systems are effective in sunny, overcast, and rainy conditions and require no maintenance. They are compatible with many building designs and we provide a range of multi-floor solutions.

WINDCATCHER Natural Ventilation Systems

Our WINDCATCHER natural ventilation systems channel controlled quantities of fresh air into a room from roof level. They do this despite wind direction and without any mechanical assistance.

The WINDCATCHER natural ventilation systems acts as a traditional passive stack on still days and uses natural, buoyant internal air to stimulate air flow out of the building.

WINDCATCHER X-AIR Next Generation Natural Ventilation System

Our WINDCATCHER X-AIR next generation natural ventilation system was developed over a four year period of research and design processes.

We created WINDCATCHER X-AIR next generation natural ventilation systems including distinctive features and LED architectural lighting.

The corner design not only increases performance but allows excess wind to bypass the system. This reduces the loading on the unit. It also features special aerofoil blades and provide a smoother internal airflow. 

SOLA-BOOST Solar Assisted Natural Ventilation Systems

Our SOLA-BOOST solar assisted natural ventilation systems are an extension of our WINDCATCHER design. It supplies ventilation on sunny days whilst maintaining no running costs and helps the environment by harnessing free air and energy.  

Our SOLA-BOOST solar assisted natural ventilation system features a unique control system that increases the speed of the boost fan when the sun shines brighter.

SUNCATCHER Natural Daylight and Ventilation Systems

The SUNCATCHER natural daylight and ventilation system has a silver, mirror finished aluminium SUNPIPE tube.

SUNCATCHER natural daylight and ventilation systems reflect and then intensify natural light. They filter it down into the room below.

ABS Systems

Whereas the Monodraught WINDCATCHER and SUNCATCHER natural ventilation systems are aimed at larger scale applications for commerce and industry, it is recognised that there is an increasing demand for smaller, low-cost installations in homes, shops, offices, and doctors’ surgeries. ABS systems are ideal to provide natural light and ventilation to bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets.

Our ABS systems offer a low cost solution to ventilation when it is required on a smaller scale. It is available in two sizes and also available in a SOLA-BOOST version.

ABS Systems

COOL-PHASE passive ventilation system

COOL-PHASE passive ventilation systems are a low energy passive cooling and heat recovery system. They are ideal for use in the commercial, academic and health care settings. They are developed with The University of Nottingham, BASF Ltd, and the Carbon Trust.

Our COOL-PHASE passive ventilation system provides powerful fresh air ventilation. It stores and discharges large amounts of latent thermal energy and uses only a fraction of the power it takes to run traditional air conditioning systems.

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