Motion control is a particular area of expertise for Moog. We are world leaders in the development, design and manufacture of hydraulic and electric motion systems. Our continued innovation and burgeoning reputation with our customer base allows our motion control program to move ahead and keep us at the forefront of technological advancements.

With new levels of performance continually being attained in more than 25 countries worldwide, our expertise and technology play an important role in providing the most relevant solutions in areas such as:

  • Attaining higher levels of fidelity
  • Maximizing your training availability and investment
  • Adding flexibility to training systems
  • Collaborating with you to deliver proven solutions and expert service and support worldwide

Electric Motion Control

We design and manufacture electric motion control solutions for specific applications and configurations. We work with you to move your electric motion control ideas forward, providing you with innovative problem solving, and improved productivity.

Electric Motion Control

Servo Valve Repair

We have developed a world-class hydraulic remanufacturing centre for servo valve repair. All of our facilities are top of the range for testing and repairs. Our facilities capabilities extend to a fantastic range of MFB, EFB and other servo valves.

As well as servo valve repair we also cover:

  • Radial piston pumps
  • Servoactuators
  • Servodrives
  • Servomotors
Servo Valve Repair

Oil Analysis

At Moog, our service and support program has developed an oil analysis service to diagnose oil conditions to prevent system failures. Our efficient hydraulic system tests include Powergen for steam and gas turbine operators and standard for all types of oil analysis.

There are also other tests including:

  • Microscopic - particle analysis such as ones found in last chance filters
  • Ferrographic - metal surfaces analysis
Oil Analysis

Defence Controls

Our motion control capabilities and solutions include defence control.

The application of these unrivaled defence controls solutions extends to:

  • Power Transmission
  • Stabilisation Technology
  • Turret Testing
  • Turret Drive Systems Solutions
Defence Controls

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