Moovy is the video marketing business offering professional online video production and marketing for UK corporate and business promotion.

Online video marketing gives more people a reason to look at your business. Using video as part of your online marketing mix allows you to be found more easily and reach many more people who might otherwise have passed you by. In fact 84% of internet users in the UK watch video and many of them share it

Since 1894, the power of the moving image has been shaping the world. From movies into television and now internet video, the combination of moving images and sound is ultra stimulating for humans and holds their attention for longer than words and static images alone. Video has been shown to increase page “dwell” time by 83%

Increasing traffic to your website and keeping them there for longer is great, but the best corporate video productions also moves people to act. Whether that is to sign up to a mailing list, download a document or complete a sale, an effective video builds trust and compels people to do what you ask them to do

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