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As the cost of new machines does not always suit limited budgets, the refurbishment of equipment often provides a new lease on life. Our CNC machine tool retrofit service provides you with a cost-efficient and comprehensive solution.

We provide the complete package of CNC machine tool retrofit supplied with a full warranty as well as the latest control system chosen from a variety of leading manufacturers.

Machine Tool Service

With our renowned and comprehensive machine tool service, we have the capability of keeping your machines in perfect condition. Our machine tool service also includes the option of repair for when unexpected breakdowns occur.

Options include:

  • Reactive breakdown cover
  • Planned maintenance programmes
  • Spare parts procurement and manufacture

Multi Spindle Machining Heads

We are specialist designers and manufacturers of multi spindle machining heads. These multi spindle machining heads are used for drilling, tapping, boring or milling operations for components produced in high volumes.

Our services also include the refurbishment of multi head machining lines including large transfer lines.

Fixture and Tooling Design

Our fixture and tooling design capabilities include the design and manufacture of work-holding fixtures. These fixtures are for medium and high volume production for machining centres or special purpose machine tools.

With our fixture and tooling design, we also provide solutions for palletization and materials handling.

Rotary Transfer Machines

We are designers and manufacturers of rotary transfer machines. We produce these rotary transfer machines from your bespoke requests.

Our rotary transfer machines are suitable for the medium to high volume manufacturing of complex components in a number of industries including automotive, electronics and white goods.

In Line Transfer Machines

We are specialist manufacturers and designers of in line transfer machines for the manufacture of complex components of medium to high volumes.

We use modular components to provide fully automated in line transfer machines. They include pneumatic and hydraulic actuated clamping and fixturing specifically for the customer component.

Cylinder Head De-Coring

We provide a vast number of machining solutions for automotive and industrial cylinder head production. As part of our cylinder head machining operations, our services cover cylinder head de-coring.

As well as cylinder head de-coring, further operations include:

  • Finish machining
  • Gauging and probing
  • Grey-scale inspection
  • Drilling, tapping, reaming

Deep Hole Drilling Machines

We provide comprehensive and professional solutions for deep hole drilling machines.

We are leading designers and manufacturers of solutions for deep hole drilling machines, either by peck feed high precision twist drilling or by gun drilling complete with integral chip box.

Rotary Head and Spindle Retrofit

Our vast services and solutions also include the offer of an upgrade rotary head and spindle retrofit. This rotary head and spindle retrofit is supplied via the use of precision grade components and leading names in spindle technology.

This service increases your available power, speed and torque, modernises your tooling system, and increases the capacity of your machine tool to undertake complex work.

Rotary Table Retrofit

We provide customised and standard rotary table retrofit.

This rotary table retrofit service includes rotary tables and rotating attachments for turning and grinding on conventional and CNC machine systems with up to 2m in diameter and 10,000kg table capacity, as either single or tilt/turn systems.

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