Motorised Air Products Ltd.

Motorised Air Products Ltd markets a wide range of ventilation & general HVAC equipment produced in Europe. MAP has extensive experience of project application in commercial, retail, industrial, pharmaceutical, healthcare and tunnel ventilation sectors.

MAP is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and assessed by NQA

The product range includes:
High induction linear, square and circular diffusers for ceiling, sidewall and floor.
VAV/CV valves, terminal units and pressure regulation/cascade dampers.
Fan coil and induction terminals.
Displacement terminals and hybrid systems
Fire/smoke dampers
Isolation, regulation, gas-tight dampers and flow measurement stations.

MAP represents two major European manufacturers in the UK:
LTG Aktiengesellschaft. LTG is the oldest European HVAC contractor and now manufactures an extensive range of equipment in Stuttgart, Germany. (

Bevent-Rasch AB. Based at Boras nr.Gothenburg, Sweden. Bevent Rasch is part of a major Scandinavian group, Hydra Invest. The company produces HVAC equipment, specialising in displacement and damper products. (
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