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Industrial Movement Solutions

Movetech UK (formerly British Turntable) has been helping to solve load moving challenges for a wide range of industries since 1959. Our highly skilled design and engineering teams work hand-in-hand with client teams, architects, surveyors, construction companies, building specifiers and project engineers to ensure that we provide optimum solutions to industrial movement problems.

Our products include: a range of turntables for heavy industrial through to light display use; JUNG lifting jacks and machinery skates, and air film equipment that incorporates leading-edge Hovair air film technology.

Movement for Commerce and Industry

A range of commercial organisations such as visitor and heritage centres, museums, theatres, conference venues, entertainment centres, restaurants and bars, exhibition contractors and TV and film companies, use Movetech UK's engineering expertise. Read more...

Industrial movement solutions we currently offer are:

  • Vehicle turntables
  • Heavy duty turntables
  • Hovair air film transporters
  • Hovair air powered tuggers
  • Hovair air film skates
  • Hovair lightweight air bearings
  • JUNG hydraulic lifting jacks
  • JUNG machinery skates
  • Parking solutions
  • Azimuth positioners
  • Bespoke movements

Product Development

We are constantly improving and adding to our product portfolio and we are currently working on a variety of new products which include the products listed below. Movetech UK are currently developing products for the Aero/Auto and Rail/Energy industries. If you wish to find out more on the developments of our new products please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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