MPE Electronics Ltd


MPE Electronics Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of Contract Electronics Manufacturing based in the South East, The company was formed in 1985 and operates from 13000 sq feet of modern factory area in Uckfield, East Sussex.

Mpe Electronics Ltd currently manages a workforce of 50 employees specialising in procurement, automatic or manual placement of surface mounted components, including ball grid array (BGA) fine pitch quad flat pack (QFP), through hole assembly, inspection and test.

Throughout this time the company has enjoyed a steady growth, developing partnerships with customers to enable the manufacture and test of their products to a high standard of quality whilst maintaining competitive pricing thus ensuring exceptional levels of service.

Mpe can offer you the following:

  1. Quality Product
  2. Affordable Product
  3. AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
  4. Test
  5. Full Turnkey Assembly
  6. Certonal Coating


As our customer requirements are constantly changing, it is our policy to monitor the progress in manufacturing methods, machinery and technologies available, and through long term planned investment we are able to provide the versatility that the modern market demands.

MPE Electronics Ltd supports customers in the following industries; Aerospace, Military, Medical, Telecommunications, Security, Instrumentation and Temperature Control and has a range of sophisticated machinery capable of producing printed circuit board assemblies of all complexities.

Are you looking for a quality product at an affordable price....? 

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Pre Manufacture (Prototype Service)

We provide a prototype service for printed circuit board assemblies and offer information for component pricing, availability and obsolescence. 
By working with our customers we can offer our expertise on PCB layout for manufacture and 
test prior to boards being released for production.

Component Procurement

Mpe Electronics Ltd purchase components through approved sources which includes all major manufacturer distribution outlets to ensure quality products.

The ordering and constant updating of our materials is kept under control using fully computerised stock management system with the added benefit of a supported pricing system due to our overall component spend.

This allows us to schedule parts in over a period of time (up to 12 months) and enjoy competitive pricing based on the overall qty being purchased which allows us to offer a cost saving to our customers.


Surface Mount Assembly

With a continuous programme of reinvestment, MPE has automatic placement capability to meet the requirements of our wide customer base. This includes the ability to place BGA, FPGA, Micro BGA and discreet components to 0201 size.
Our process includes automatic paste printing using DEK printer technology and lead free capability with BTU convection reflow systems.

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Surface Mount Assembly

Through Hole Assembly

Depending on the board complexity and batch size, leaded components are pre-formed, manually inserted and either wave or hand soldered. Our operators are trained to IPC610 workmanship standards.


To achieve the highest levels of inspection MPE uses a Mirtec Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) system. Using state of the art software this machine has true character recognition and by a variety of lighting techniques is able to identify most solder defects. The machine is programmed off line so does not interfere with daily production requirements.

Digital image storage and transmission is also a useful feature when information is required to be communicated to our customers.

BGA's and micro BGA's are 100% inspected using an Ersa Scope Optical System.

For manual inspection we use Mantis 2x to 10x viewers and an EV microscope with 10x to 50x magnification. MPE have a certified in house trainer to IPC-A- 610 standards  and can provide 1st off, 100%, and final inspection depending on customer requirements.



Some customers require a fully tested board assembly. To address this requirement our test department is able to meet a variety of needs which include Automatic Test (ATE), comprehensive in circuit test using a TRI Manufacturing Defect Analysis System (MDA), or a variety of semi-automatic test jigs usually developed in partnership with the customer, or normal functional test at bench level.
Some customers also require Environmental test. For this we use a Montford environmental chamber with a temperature range of -40ºC to +125ºC.

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