MPT Meß- und Prozeßtechnik GmbH


The company MPT Meß- und Prozeßtechnik GmbH was founded by Mr. Rainer Krumwiede, the former general manager of Milton Roy Deutschland GmbH, in 1991. After his retirement in 2003, Mr. Klaus Diegelmann took over the management position.

Supply Programs

Combined with the products of the contract partners Milton Roy, Williams, Pulsair, and Walchem, MPT offers one of the largest supply programs in the market:
• complete dosing plants
• optimization of coagulation and flocculation
• polymer and lime milk processing plants
• dosing pumps (electric / pneumatic)
• mechanical agitators
• pulse blending system “Pulsair®”
• dry material feeders
• controlling and monitoring of chemical copper and nickel baths
• control, instrumentation
• international technical support

Processing Plants

We design and produce processing plants which are customized to your needs. The MPT employees possess long experience in dosing technology and in constructing complete dosing systems for industrial applications. A well-educated and reliable team is available for the development of complex projects. MPT has been certified according to the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1998. In addition, MPT is qualified as company specialized in delivering plants for the treatment of water-polluting substances according to water law. MPT has increased the large base of satisfied customers in the areas of water treatment, petrochemistry, energy industry, and industrial plant constructions.

Dosing Pumps

The German subsidiary company Milton Roy was closed in December 1996, and MPT overtook all activities in the areas dosing pumps and dosing systems for industrial applications. MPT is trade partner of the Milton Roy group which owns four production plants and who is the globally most important supplier for dosing pumps. The Milton Roy group is represented by subsidiary companies and agents in all industrial countries.


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Our products:
• explosion-proof stirrers
• polymer processing plants
• dosing plants for methanol
• agitators for sewage treatment
• cooling water treatment plants
• boiler feed water treatment plants
• flocculant controls
• dosing systems for chemical products
• pH meters
• static mixers

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