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For serial connectivity I/O, we provide comprehensive solutions for your business.

As well as cutting edge solutions and products for serial connectivity I/O, we also provide a vast array of products throughout the connectivity, telecommunications and networking fields.

Networking Devices

We specialise in networking devices and the development of state-of-the-art connectivity, telecommunications and networking devices.

Our products are used in a wide variety of applications and environments, including office and home PCs, factory production lines, traffic lights, EPOS terminals and air traffic control systems.

Networking Devices

Internet Connectivity for Business

For Internet connectivity, we supply superior and versatile products. Our comprehensive range of Internet connectivity products are suited to the work and business environment. Options include:

  • Modems - MRi external USB or serial port modems. Internal PCI hardware and software modems and PCMCIA modems for notebook users
  • ISDN - MRi external USB terminal adapters. Internal PCI and PCMCIA terminal adapters
  • ADSL - The MRi range includes USB and PCI modems as well as routers with one or four RJ45 ports and built in modem
Internet Connectivity for Business

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