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MTL Instruments, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, is a world leader in the development and supply of system infrastructure products and protection equipment to the Process Industries.

The combination of Cooper Crouse-Hinds’ expertise in the electrical components sector balances with MTL’s expertise in the instrumentation sector. This combination of the two facilitates a unified approach to intrinsic safety and explosion proof techniques in industrial plants, and provides customers with a unique, single source of supply.

  • Intrinsic Safety & Process I/O
  • Industrial Security
  • Industrial Wireless
  • HART Interfacing
  • Surge Protection
  • Fieldbus
  • Process Alarm Equipment
  • HMI and Visualisation
  • Industrial Ethernet

Intrinsic Safety & Process I/O

MTL is a world leader in products designed for use in hazardous areas where there is a probability of explosive atmospheres.

The products range from industry renowned (IS) barriers and isolators through to sophisticated process control products, all designed for the harsh environments often encountered in the process industry.

Products in Intrinsic Safety & Process I/O

  • Intrinsic Safety Zener Barriers
  • Intrinsic Safety Isolators
  • IS Indicators
  • TI Multiplexers
  • Process I/O
  • Intrinsically Safe Ethernet
Intrinsic Safety & Process I/O

HART Interfacing

Every HART® field device is capable of providing significant data about its performance and the process it is controlling. Don't ignore such a valuable asset!

If you have smart field devices installed and you are not making full use of their capabilities, then you need MTL's HART® connection system. MTL has solutions that provide the connections between the HART field instruments, the control systems and the process automation maintenance software. MTL’s HART multiplexer system provides on-line access from a PC to the HART field devices for monitoring device performance. HART devices may be selected for regular status monitoring and alerts to be issued if the status changes.

Our HART CONNECTIONS strip the HART digital signal from the 4-20mA signal (which passes to the control system unscathed) and sends it directly to your maintenance PC. Thus giving you access to the benefits offered by the latest powerful configuration and predictive maintenance software.

For process control systems using traditional I/O installations, the NEW MTL4850 or the MTL4840 HART Connection System is the ideal HART solution for new installations or upgrades, either intrinsically safe or general purpose applications.

For process I/O installations, MTL8000 Remote I/O is fully HART compatible, allowing read-and-write configuration and calibration parameters as well as online monitoring of key variables and status.

HART Interfacing

Process Alarm Equipment

After 30 years of successful development, RTK Instruments is firmly established as the leading specialist in the design and manufacture of process alarm equipment. Our products are used in all environments, including all hazardous areas, and across all process and utility sectors. RTK Instruments supplies alarm systems and associated instrumentation from a single sounder to a complete plant-wide alarm and monitoring system.

Products such as the 725B Programmable Alarm Annunciator are the most innovative on the market today - anywhere in the world. The LN1000 Intrinsically Safe Alarm Annunciator and the SIL725 Annunciator (certified to IEC61508) are totally unique products - worldwide - helping to keep operators and the environment safe and process plants running smoothly.

  • Alarm Annunciators
  • Event Recorders
  • Hazardous Area Notification
  • Engineered Solutions
Process Alarm Equipment

Industrial Security

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems have long been considered immune to the cyber attacks suffered by corporate information systems. The move to open standards such as Ethernet,TCP/IP, and web technologies has allowed hackers and virus writers to take advantage of the control industry’s ignorance. The result is a growing number of unpublicised cyber-based security events that are affecting critical infrastructure and manufacturing industries.

The Tofino™ Industrial Security System is a new and unique solution from MTL Instruments and Byres Security Inc. that addresses the important issue of protecting Industrial Networks from modern cyber-security attacks.

Tofino™ Starter Pack
Control networks are highly vulnerable to cyber incidents. The growing complexity of modern control systems means that they need security now more than ever. So, to help process engineers get started, MTL Instruments and Byres Security Inc are offering a Tofino Starter Pack. The Tofino Starter Pack helps you quickly establish your first control network security zone and start protecting your plant right away. Easy to install, test, and activate, with no network disruptions, the Tofino Starter Pack is available at an entry level price. Set-up your first security zone with a solution that meets ANSI/ISA 99 standards and NERC CIP requirements, and expand zone by zone over time to develop a comprehensive industrial security solution.

The Tofino Starter Pack comprises of:

  • Tofino™ Security Appliance
  • Tofino™ Central Management Platform (limited to use with 3 Tofino Security Appliances in one facility)
  • Tofino™ Secure Asset Management Loadable Security Module
  • Tofino™ Firewall Loadable Security Module
Industrial Security

Surge Protection

MTL Surge Technologies designs and manufactures a vast range of protection solutions for all your system surge protection requirements.

MTL Surge Technologies supplies a comprehensive range of surge protection devices offering solutions for all mains power, process control, network and communications, telecom, wireless and RF systems.

  • Combination Surge Protection Products
  • Data and Signal Surge Protection
  • Fieldbus Surge Protection
  • Network and Comms Surge Protection
  • Power Surge Protection
  • Specialist Surge Protection Products
  • Telecoms Surge Protection
Surge Protection

HMI and Visualisation

Many industries now prefer to site their operator terminals and HMI on the plant floor. The MTL Instruments range of Visualisation products includes ruggedised and extended temperature range operator terminals and panel PCs suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous area mounting. For over 15 years GECMA Components, a part of the MTL Instruments group, has concentrated on the production of high-quality HMI and on-site operating stations for industrial and Ex-classified production areas.

The flexible modular concept consisting of intrinsically safe components and the deliberate selection of high-quality materials allows CHALLENGER Remote PC terminals and EXPLORER Panel PC's to be used under the strictest of hygienic conditions as well as in aggressive production environments. Even under temperature conditions of -30°C to +60°C there is no functional impairment.
Equipped with many international certificates (UL, C-UL, ATEX, GOST-R/GGTN, IECEx, TISS, NEPSI, FTZU...), GECMA HMI's also set international standards in the operation and visualization of processes.

HMI and Visualisation

Industrial Wireless

In today’s process industries there are increasing demands for greater efficiency, higher reliability and lower cost of ownership of field equipment and supporting networks. MTL offers end to end or part solutions to meet the requirements of your project. From plant-wide 802.11 network infrastructure in hazardous area to simple sensor signal cable replacement, MTL brings the experience and the products to realise robust and secure wireless systems. MTL wireless technology supports industry standard connections and protocols which maximizes the flexibility of your system while reducing inventory and installation costs.

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