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Muir Matheson - Offshore and Aviation Weather Systems

Muir Matheson design, build, install & maintain bespoke weather monitoring equipment for offshore & aviation applications; part of Campbell Scientific Group and based in Aberdeen.

Offshore Weather Systems

Muir Matheson - experts in intrinsically safe (IS) weather monitoring systems for oil and gas platforms. Using a range of IS meteorological sensors to monitor weather and ocean conditions and feed the data into their own software systems, such as Pace which combines data acquisition, calculations and data archiving capabilities with an easy-to-read real time user interface. Temperature, relative humidity, wind speed & direction, wave height, period & direction are some of the usual parameters measured however systems are fully bespoke.

The Mini-Pace system offers continuous monitoring of basic weather variables.

Muir Matheson offer WebMET, a multi-company network allowing users to exchange weather data for a wider understanding of the surrounding ocean conditions.

Airport Weather Systems

Muir Matheson specialises in weather monitoring systems for airports and airfields, such systems monitor and process the required weather data and deliver the information to wherever it’s needed, systems include:

Metcom/Atis, collects & processes weather data feeding it automatically to air traffic control for compilation of METAR & SPECI reports, featuring an integrated ATIS with customised site library.
Afcom -
provides a simple-to-use interface to AFTN.
Autobrief -
allows pilots to self-brief via remote terminals
MiniMetcom - which offers semi-automated Metar & Speci reports.

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Muir Matheson - marine, oceanographic and airport weather system.

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