MWR Financial Consulting


MWR Financial Consulting works with your Small and medium sized business (SME) on a part time basis to improve your business performance and profitability.

This is done through understanding your issues and developing robust business solutions to improve areas such as:

- Business planning
- Business development
- Cash management
- Accounting
- Systems and procedures
- Business strategy
- Business Turnaround
- Funding

The FEATURES of this service are that it brings with it the knowledge and experiance of a Chartered Accounting (ACA) professional who has several years experiance in organisations; someone who has been there.

The ADVANTAGES are that you the client has this resource on a part time basis, say, 1 or 2 days a month, the you only pay for what the you need, being fully flexible the number of days worked can be increased or decreased without any hassle. By choosing part time, you dictate how much time you need at a cost which will suit your budget. You will have no employment costs and no agency fees, if you are not totally satisfied you can terminate without any legal or employment costs.

The BENIFITS are that you will receive a financial management service which is aimed at improving performance. By working from within rather than purely on an advisory basis, delivery is customer focused and results oriented.

Financial management to support your business on a flexible basis part-time basis. Charges are time-based and there is no minimum- term commitment. Please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.

How we can help your business

Helping define strategy
Setting business objectives and evaluating strategic options

Helping in decision making
Products/markets/sector analysis. Investment appraisals, risk management.

Financial and cost control
Constantly review and monitor controls for cash, fixed assets, working capital, payroll, credit management, procuring etc. introduce or review costing methods and systems. Cost management using available techniques.

Cash Management
Optimisation of facilities, managing growth, working capital management, monitoring systems for debtors, creditors and stock, fixed assets financing, short and long term financing.

Management reporting
Monthly (or periodic) management accounting and reporting, variance analysis, performance management through key performance indicators (KPI's).

Budgeting, forecasting and financial planning
Preparation of budgets, forecasts, corporate plans, investment plans.

Start up or reorganising departments/functions, turn around poor performing departments to operate efficiently.

Mentoring FD's
Resourcing, training and development, mentoring. Effective leadership.

For the full overview of the services offered by MWR Financial Consulting please see the Services page.

How we can help your business

Part Time Financial Director

Numbers that you understand
I will do all the work that a full-time Finance Director would do if you had one, providing advice and guidance. Preparing numbers that describe the business in a way that you understand on a timely basis. Cash will be managed to enable you to survive and expand. Margin analysis and other key performance indicators will inform you where the business is making and where it is losing money.

A sounding board
I will be with you often enough to understand the business and infrequently enough to bring a fresh perspective to problems.

A right hand man
I will be there beside you to assist in presenting the business to banks, investors and other stakeholders

Improved systems
Systems will be improved and streamlined to access the right information on time.

Part Time Financial Director

Monthly Accounting

Clarity of information
I can produce management information designed for your business, that has impact, meaning and clarity.

Concise reporting
So often, Board accounts packs consist of countless pages of impenetrable figures which leave the board members confused and unable to understand what is happening in their business. I will present management information in a way that reflects the way in which the owners see the business.

Relevant key performance indicators
Individual key performance indicators (KPI's) can be deleloped and added to suit the business's needs. Key data will be shown on a single page, giving an immediate overview of the trading performance of the business.

Written report explaining accounts
A written report in plain english will be produced, explaining the issues facing the business - ideal for those who find the written word easier to digest than a page of numbers. Behind the summary page there will be detailed schedules to support these explanations and recommendations.

Monthly Accounting

Budgets & Financial Modelling

Know your business
I understand business and finance and have a good level of excel skills. I can use this knowledge and experiance to construct models that reflect how you run your business and to explain it to others such as banks and investors.

Complete and accessible
I will produce an integrated P&L. Balance Sheet and Cash Flow that is easily navigated.
Easily integrated into the monthly accounts package
The budgets can be easily incorporated into the management accounts, comparing actual to budget with variance analysis, helping to create meaningful management accounts that can be used to drive the business forward.

Budgets & Financial Modelling


Advice on how to get the business back on track
When a business is struggling it can be a daunting job for an MD to get the business back on track on his own. The skills necessary to turn a business around are far from common.
Continuing funding from lenders
Suppliers, bankers and funders get the information they need so can continue to support the business.
Payment plans for HMRC (PAYE/VAT) arrears
In an arrears situation a payment plan will have to be produced, put forward to HMRC and agreed.
Available immediately
In this time of economic downturn, companies with a full time Finance Director who is over burdened, need additional support. If there is no Finance Director, the bank may demand one. I will be immediately available and for much less than the cost of employing a full-time FD.


Management Information Services

Systems appropriate for your business
Over time as a business grows current systems that have worked well in the past may now be obsolete and require modifying to suit the current and future business needs. As I get to understand your business I will ensure that the management systems are appropriate offering unbiased advice and implementing change.

Management Information Services

Mentoring FD's

Do you already have an Finance Director you feel needs mentoring or perhaps a Financial Controller who you want to develope into a Finance Directors role?
Reconcile conflicting objectives for an FD
Investors and directors look at an FD to make sure a company achieves targets on time and without undue risk. So the FD's role is a stretch, requiring someone with independance and integrity to reconcile often conflicting objectives; sharing in the organisation's risk profile; and controlling and reducing it where possible.
Helping the FD deal with pressure
The mentoring service helps FDs address their challenges, develope a strategy to deal with competitive pressures, delivering the numbers in that strategy, finding staff to deal with theses pressures, managing their own time effectively, complying with regulations, and dealing with the organisation's politics, knowing who to talk to, how and when.

Mentoring FD's

Non-executive Director (NED)

A non-executive director can be a great way to bring a different perspective to the board team.
I can provide solutions to problems. For example in a awkward situation where the company can't agree loan covenants, share subscription prices, dividend levels a non-exectutive director can help come up with pragmatic and realstice solutions.

Non-executive Director (NED)


MWR Financial Consulting works with the owners and directors of small and medium sized businesses to improve the performance and profitability of their organisation. 

This is done through:

- evaluating and understanding the most pressing needs of the client
- in partnership develop a robust action plan to address the immediate concerns and causes of those concerns.
- building support to address the problem solving process.
- encourage momentum to action improvements.
- filling the 'skills gaps' within the client's business in order to maximise the return on their investment.


Where We Work

MWR Financial Consulting office is based in Evesham in Worcestershire, we generally undertake work in a 50 mile radius of Evesham. This area covers:

Evesham, Pershore, Upton upon Severn, Great Malvern, Redditch, Bromgrove, Kidderminster, Droitwich Spa, Stourport on Severn, Bewdley, Broadway, Blackminster

Cheltenham, Goulcester, Stroud, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Stonehouse, Dursley, chipping Campden, Stow on the wold, Lydney, Winchcombe, Morton in Marsh, Fairford, Lachlade, Tetbury, Nailsworth, Wotton Under Edge, Chipping Sodbury, Yate, Bradley Stoke, Painswick, Coleford, Newent, Frampton On Severn, Berkeley, Thornbury, Bristol.

Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Southam, Alcester, Royal Leamington Spa, Rugby, Shipston On Stour, Kineton, Wellesbourne, Henley, Bidford On Avon, Kenilworth, Dunchurch, Nuneaton, Solihull, Birmingham, Coventry, Bedworth.

Banbury, deddington, Chipping Norton, Burford.

Where We Work
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