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My Uniform Rebate specialises in providing the personal touch in dealing with your affairs.


My Uniform Rebate was formed due to the increasing need to supply a specialist service to workers who incur work related uniform expenses.


We are reliable and will always ensure that you come first and with our NO REBATE NO FEE policy, you can be rest assured of our full and honorable attention.

My Uniform Rebate is a member of Tony Orphanou & Associates, which is a sole trader/small business specialist.



Tax Rebate Services

Business Start Ups

Start My Business, was set up by Tony Orphanou and Associates Limited, a firm of accountants and managment consultants based in Stevenage.


Over 60% of new businesses are successful, WHY?  Because they are built on strong foundations! with the right guidance and support you will be in that 60%.

The first three years of going it alone are the most crucial and lets face it we all need someone to turn to for advice and guidance. VAT, PAYE, SELF ASSESSMENT, CORPORATION TAX are truly daunting when you are just setting out. Most of us are used to our employers taking care of all the issues, but now it is down yours truly.


Business Start Ups
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