We stock a wide variety of pessary rings for prolapse. When the elasticity of the walls of the vagina weakens, the uterus may fall into the vagina and even protrude from the vaginal opening. Symptoms include an ache in the pelvis or vaginal discomfort.

We can help patients find relief with our selection of pessary rings for prolapse.

Cerclage Pessery

This Cerclage pessary is used to treat pregnant women with cervical incompetence in order to support the cervix and turn it towards the sacrum.

Using transvaginal sonography in recumbent or upright position we have established normal values for the cervical length and an opening of the cervical os (funnelling) for singleton and twin pregnancies. Low values of the cervical length and high values of the opening of the cervical os (Funneling) help identify patients who might benefit from pessary placement.

Cube Pessery

The non perforated cube pessary is indicated in patients with more severe complaints of prolapse of the vagina and/or uterus for whom the pelvic floor is too weak to support ring pessaries.

The vacuum effect of the concave surface permits adhesion so that this pessary can be used in cases with severe prolapse and incompetence of the pelvic floor. The cube pessaries are also suitable for expanding the vagina before vaginal operations to stimulate local blood supply if coated with oestrogen cream.

What is a Pessary?

A device fits into the vagina to help support the uterus (womb), vagina, bladder or rectum, a pessary is used to provide support from prolapse.

A pessary can help if you have a cystocele or rectocele. A pessary can also help many women with stress urinary incontinence. (the leaking of urine when you cough, strain or exercise).

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