I am an Interior Designer with over 6 years of experience based in Glasgow . I have gained my knowledge and skills in Polish, German and Norwegian markets where I created a variety of designs for private clients, always from a concept to completion. I am focused on residential and furniture design. That is where my interest lays and that is why each of my project`s is based on an individual furniture design. During my career I managed about 25 projects and participated in the implementation of each of them.

I am driven by passion and the need to create intrinsically unique interiors, having timeless elegance with a focus for maximum functionality of the space. I ensure a personalized approach to every project I undertake. I strive to employ materials in an original way, search for exquisite and innovative solutions to develop a design which has a timeless form in a framework of superlative quality.

My work is my passion and I am open to new possibilities and cooperation. Feel free to browse through some of my projects.  

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