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Nanotech is the UK Distributor of Nanophos SA products, a company that produces clever materials that solve everyday problems.

The products are water based, non hazardous, with very low or no VOC. Can be easily applied by brushing or spraying. 

The nanoparticles have been specifically engineered to much the structure of surfaces, they penetrate and chemically anchor (bind) onto the surface
and enhance its properties.

  • SurfaPore C for cement and stone surfaces is very flexible, can be used as surface application, or mixed in mortars, grout, stucco, protects from mould and mildew, cracking and frost threat.
  • SurfaPore R for clay surfaces, bricks, ceramic roof tiles, floor and wall clay tiles and pottery. Prevents wet surface deterioration, humidity
    surface corrosion white spots and efflorescence and provides frost protection.
  • SurfaPore T for marble, granite and porcelain surfaces. Creates an impermeable and invisible shield by blocking even the finest pores of
    these surfaces Prevents staining and protects from loss of shine and discolouring.
  • SurfaPore M, the ultimate sealant and oil repellent for marble, granite, porcelain and microcilica concrete basis.
  • SurfaPore W, for wood protection. It stops organic growth, gives wood dimensional stability, prevents cracking and warping, significant delay
    in ageing and graying, allows stains and varnishes to be applied on top.
  • SurfaPore Thermo, a paint additive that induces thermal insulation without change in colour or viscosity of paint.
  • DeSalin, a product line for surface restoration and refurbishment, before applying any SurfaPore protection.
  • SurfaShield, the self cleaning surfacing for manufacturing applications and productions
  • SurfaPore M, the ultimate sealant and oil repellent, ideal for public places,surface easy to clean


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