National Physical Laboratory


The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is one of the UKs leading science and research facilities. We specialise in providing top of the line measurement and research services.We are a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate standards, science and technology available.

Measurement Solutions

We work with UK industry to deliver measurement driven solutions that are based on the highest level of accuracy. Our knowledge comes from our role in the development and maintenance of the UK measurement standards. Our experience comes from working with businesses to apply this knowledge to solve challenging issues for over 100 years.


Advanced Manufacturing

We working with companies in the advanced manufacturing sector to help drive innovation, improve processes and quality while reducing costs through the application of measurement science. By choosing as your partner in advanced manufacturing research and development, we will help your business overcome even the most challenging technical issues faced, maximising your success, every time.


Defence and Security

We work with businesses in the defence and security sector to deliver groundbreaking technologies helping our armed forces and security services respond to an ever-changing threat. We have experts in detection, biometrics, secure communications, measurement and analysis, and data modelling. In working with the defence and security sectors, we integrate scientific discovery with real world applications.

Digital Economy

The digital economy is helping individuals, businesses, and society as a whole to benefit from information and communications technologies in new ways. We are active in a wide range of activities in the digital economy including fundamental research, measurement validation, primary instrumentation builds, modelling, training and product development.


We work with the energy sector to help ensure reliability of supply through developing robust systems and technologies that will help bring a safe and sustainable future. We are working with the energy industry to overcome the challenges of a future supplied by renewable energy while addressing today’s demands on traditional fossil fuel systems through our expertise in measurement science.



We work within the healthcare and bioscience industries in the drive for product innovation for improved quality of life through the application and understanding of measurement technologies. By choosing us as your partner in R&D, we will help your business overcome even the most challenging technical issues in the healthcare and bioscience industries, maximising your success, every time.


With the onset of a Low Carbon Economy in the UK, areas such as sustainable communities, climate change and sustainable consumption and production are being prioritised. We are working with both industry and environmentally focused partners to help achieve these agendas through the development of technology and measurement systems that are required to make these goals a reality.

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