National Westchem

Investment in research and development ensure our products always meet your

requirements for your kitchen, laundry or house keeping.


Our advanced automatic control units and dosing systems guarantee more value out of each drum of detergent we supply.

You'll also benefit from fix-price contracts that allow you to budget annually.

Kitchen Products

You'll be amazed by our range of concentrated detergents formulated to put an end to repeat loading and get results not on the second or third try, but first time.

Not just detergents for your dish or glass washers. We also have an extensive range of products for all your cleaning needs.

We also provide you with state of the art control systems to ensure consistently good results using the minimum amount of product. Saving you time and money.

Kitchen Products

Commercial Laundry

Over a decade in the commercial laundry sector and not much has changed. We still help you make the right choice for your business, and still leave clients astounded by the results they get from our laundry-mate range.

Whatever work type, our dedicated detergents, de-stainers and fabric conditioners leave both colours and whites spotless and smelling great.

Commercial Laundry

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