NCB Marking Equipment Limited

NCB Marking Equipment is the UK's leading supplier of identification and traceability marking machines. The company offers unparalleled expertise in identification and traceability marking solutions. Our aim is to offer customers a cost efficient solution to all their marking needs. With over 50 years of experience our team can visit on site to ensure you select the most suitable and economical marking solution. Our expertise includes etching machine, stencil cutting machines, steel marking stamps, steel type, inks, applicators to name a few. We can offer a variety of solutions from simple hand stamps to automatic percussion marking. We pride ourselves in our ability to deal with any marking application, guaranteeing whatever your marking requirements are, unique or standard, we can provide a solution.

We cover every corner of the UK with our products and services including:


  • Stencil Cutting Machines
  • Etching Machines
  • Stencil Marking
  • Steel Marking Stamps
  • Special Engraved Stamps
  • Letter or Figure Stamps
  • Marking Rolls
  • Stencilling and Branding
  • Pannier Sipa Machines
  • Embossing Dies
  • Propens
  • Pneumatic Propens
  • Pannier Marking Machines
  • Ideal Stencils
  • Spot Marking Guns
  • Rotary Flickwheel Code Boxes for Hot Foil Coding
  • Coining Rings and Assemblies for Multi-line Printing
  • Brass and Steel Type for Hot Foil Coding
  • Steel Debossing Type

Stencil Cutting Machines

Our  stencil cutting machines are one of our most popular marking solutions for a vast range of industries including oil and gas, pre-cast concrete and shipping and freight. The machines are computer controlled and extremely easy to use. We also supply all the inks, applicators and materials.  Our stencil cutting machines are designed to produce almost any stencil, sign, decal or masking. They are suitable for reusable and one-time solutions to meet your individual requirements at affordable prices.

Stencil Cutting Machines

NCB Marking Equipment Limited Overview