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We provide sheet metal work for Oxfordshire and surrounding areas within a 25 mile radius. Our sheet metal work consists of light sheet metal engineering for office, household and recreational applications. Our range of materials used includes mild steel and aluminium steel.

The types of sheet metal work for Oxfordshire we have recently completed comprise of hospital beds, tables and trolleys. Our services include cutting, punching, folding, and welding.

Light Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our light sheet metal fabrication services can provide a wealth of engineering solutions and we can manufacture a range of items. Light sheet metal fabrication is also available with a variety of finishes like zinc plating and powder coating. Recent projects we have worked on include the fabrication of mobile coffee carts.

Light Sheet Metal Fabrication


With over 20 years' experience in structural metal fabrication, there is literally nothing NE Metalworks can't make.


Commercial Fabrications

If our 20 years' experience in metal fabrication has taught us anything, it's that there is really no limit to what NE Metalworks can achieve with their custom metal fabrications.


With our precision TIG and MIG welding we are able to make some of the most delicate and complicated metal fabricated products.

Structural Metal Fabrication Projects

•Alternative fuel racing cars

•Rally car parts - wishbones & peddles etc.

•AMT kiosks

•Hospital beds

•Non damage logistic containers

•Film props

•Garden gates and metal features

•Artist work

•Disabled golf buggy

Web Design and Make Bespoke Metal Fabrications Throughout South England









•Milton Keynes

•High Wycombe


We also offer a full warranty on all the bespoke metal fabrications. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers to make their end product perfect.

Domestic Metal Fabrications in Bicester and South England

If you haven't guessed already, here at NE Metalworks our custom metal fabrication service is not just restricted to other businesses.

Some of our most interesting metal work projects have been done for domestic customers who simply want a metal fabricated product to make their lives easier. We specialise in designing metal products to improve disability access.


Our previous domestic metal work projects include:


•Metal artist sculptures

•Metal kitchen fascia’s and handles

•Garden gates

•Metal balconies

•Metal garden features and furniture

•Custom car parts



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