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NE3D (Donation Box) Ltd offers FSC certified wooden donation boxes. Their wooden delivery crates are also FSC certified.

Their wooden donation boxes are constructed from solid 18/22mm natural pine rather than laminated MDF. They stain the wood to meet customer specifications. They can construct their wooden donation boxes from oak or other hard woods if preferred.

Plastic Donation Boxes

Plastic donation boxes are easily recognised as a collection box as the donations are visible. Plastic provides a crisp and clean feel.

NE3D (Donation Box) Ltd can add graphics to their plastic donation boxes if required. The graphics could be a simple message of a passage about why donations are so important.

Their plastic donation boxes are made from 6mm thick acrylic. However NE3D (Donation Box) Ltd can produce plastic donation boxes from thicker plastic upon request.

Steel Donation Boxes

Steel donation boxes are extremely popular due to their durability. They are very versatile and are available in any colour. This allows customers to use their steel donation boxes to promote their brand identity.

Graphics can be added to give people an insight into why donations are needed. NE3D (Donation Box) Ltd typically use 6mm thick acrylic to produce the top of their steel donation boxes, but they can use a thick acrylic if required.

Interactive Donation Boxes

Interactive donation boxes are extremely popular and can work perfectly in the correct venue. NE3D (Donation Box) Ltd has experience of producing a selection of low tech and high tech donation boxes. 

Graphics can be added to their interactive donation boxes. This can be a simple message or more detailed information about the need for donations.

Bespoke Donation Boxes

NE3D (Donation Box) Ltd can design and manufacture bespoke donation boxes for your venue. Bespoke donation boxes are a highly effective way of generating donations and can be used to promote your brand.

The image to the right is a large orange arrow that NE3D (Donation Box) Ltd produced for The Great North Museum in Newcastle. This bespoke donation box truly compliments their venue.

Graphics can be added to their bespoke donation boxes to explain why donations are so important to your venue/cause

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