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Welcome to NEL Technologies an environmentally friendly company accredited to BS EN ISO 14001:2004. We supply components and sub–assemblies worldwide to our blue chip global partners for use in many industry sectors including aerospace, oil and gas exploration and production, medical, electronics, scientific and pharmaceuticals. For almost 15 years we have delivered quality, cost-effective products to our customers within 5 working days of their quotation enquiry.

With manufacturing bases in the UK and the US, NEL Technologies offer a full manufacturing capability from the preparation of CAD artwork to a fully–assembled, quality–approved component using some or all of the following products and services:

  • Flexible Heaters - including etched foil heaters, silicone rubber heaters, Kapton heaters, polyimide heaters and polyester heaters

Most of all, we focus on our customer. Quality systems to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 are in place to ensure the manufacture of quality products, competitively priced and delivered on schedule.

Neltec® - Flexible Heaters

Neltec® provides electrical heating elements and a complete thermal management solution for surface heating substrates. Products are supplied to CE, UL and EN 60335 and EN 60950 specifications.

By combining etched foil heaters and thermal protection systems with heatsink design, Neltec® produce fully assembled and functionally tested heater units. Alternatively, a simple flexible heater mat can be supplied in any shape and almost any size, voltage and wattage with lead assemblies and connectors.

More information on Flexible Heaters.

Chemical Milling

Our wide ranging and professional services include chemical milling and specialist etching services.

With chemical milling and etching, we are completely committed to providing excellence, innovation and continual process improvement, as well as environmental protection.

Silicone Rubber Heaters

We supply silicone rubber heaters in a variety of specifications. Our supply of silicone rubber heaters are also available in a variety of silicone rubber dielectric constructions including wearpad applications.

For silicone rubber heaters and other related components and sub-assemblies, we provide an unrivalled service.

Polyimide Heaters

Included in our vast and all-application encompassing range of products and components, are various options in polyimide heaters.

These options in polyimide heaters are available in low moisture retention polyimide dielectric. For the complete range of polyimide heaters and all other products and services, visit our website.

NEL® - Chemical Milling & Specialist Etching

Committed to excellence, innovation, continuous process improvement and environmental protection, the NEL Division provide a flexible, cost-effective service producing quality precision engineered metal components for a wide range of industries world-wide.

NEL offer a full manufacturing service from the preparation of computer aided design artwork and chemically machined metal components through to a fully assembled, quality approved product. The service can be customised to suit your individual requirements, selecting the specific techniques to match the materials and the component.

More information on Chemical Milling & Specialist Etching.

Neltex® - Fabric Circuit Technology

With over twenty-five years experience in the development and processing of specialist materials, NEL Technologies have developed Neltex®, a patented fabric-based circuit technology which allows the creation of electronic circuits and assemblies in a true textile solution. The resulting fabric circuits can be incorporated into garments using conventional textile joining techniques, e.g. sewing, lamination, fasteners etc.

Neltex® turns conventional fabrics into printed circuit boards, sensors, switches and heaters for use in consumer electronics, communications, wearables, healthcare and the military. Route to market is to licence the intellectual property rights, know-how and product manufacture. The company is currently seeking strategic partnerships in several industry sectors.

More information on Fabric Circuit Technology.

Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

NEL Technologies Limited is accredited to BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and has reviewed the environmental effects of the company’s operational, business and financial needs and has established the following environmental objectives;

  • NEL will ensure compliance with existing environmental legislation including the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) and adopt a proactive approach in anticipating future regulatory requirements.
  • Waste minimisation will be pursued throughout the company sites. We will control the creation of waste by reducing, reusing and recycling materials wherever reasonably practicable.
  • NEL will assess new processes and procedures for environmental impact as they become available and define appropriate environmental objectives and targets.
  • In managing emissions to atmosphere, water or land, we will observe the principles of elimination, reduction, reuse, recycle and disposal as best management practice.

NEL will periodically review and revise these company environmental objectives and they will be audited regularly as part of the company management system. The results of the audit will be used to monitor the company’s achievements in its commitment to pollution prevention and to the continual improvement of its environmental performance.

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