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Our franking machines are designed and manufactured to the highest quality ensuring durability and accuracy.

With our franking machines, you have the potential to reduce postage costs, improve productivity and present a more professional image.

Address Printers

As part of our mail preparation services, address printers allow high speed personalisation and overprinting of envelopes with marketing messages, so your mail is more likely to be opened.

With our address printers and mail management software, anything is possible with capabilities ranging from a personalised address to a full colour marketing message. With correctly formatted and accurate addresses, you can access additional Royal Mail volume postage discounts for mailings over 500 in a batch.

Folding Inserting Machines

We supply a vast amount of options in folding inserting machines. We supply professional looking and award winning low volume mail inserters and mid volume folding inserting machines to handle just about any size or type of insert.

High volume and production volume folder inserting machines are also available, each with unique and enhanced features to meet your specific requirements.

Automated Letter Openers

With our automated letter openers you can open letters fast, saving staff time and making sure mail reaches the right person quickly. Many different models of automated letter openers are available to suit varying application requirements.

For low volume requirements, we provide the IM-16 letter openers. Our high volume models are suitable for a production mail environment.

Folder Inserter

We specialise in the supply of a wide variety of folder inserter products. These save staff time, improve presentation and manage varied content with ease.

Folder inserter products we supply include:

Franking Machine

For the most diverse franking machine options, we provide the ultimate service. Franking machines save up to 38% versus stamps and make it much easier to calculate the right postage.

You can acquire a franking machine from us to suit your exact requirements. We supply low volume, mid volume and high volume franking machines, all with their own unique benefits and features.

Envelope Stuffing

Are you still envelope stuffing by hand? Well now you really don't have to as our various solutions and systems eliminate the need for envelope stuffing by hand.

With our folder inserters, envelopes are filled at least 13 times faster than folding inserts by hand.

Envelope Stuffing Machine

Within our extensive stock range of mailing products, we supply a number of envelope stuffing machine options.

These envelope stuffing machine products are available in a number of different models, so no matter what your particular requirement may be concerning volume, we are sure to have the product to suit.

Address Management Software

We supply comprehensive and professional address management software and a wide variety of related software solutions for mail.

Our certified address management software updates address details to match the latest Royal Mail PAF file, so the amount of undeliverable mail is significantly reduced.

Envelope Printers

Our envelope printers allow you to produce highly professional, personalised mailings resulting in the best possible impact and the highest chance of response.

Our AS-series of high speed envelope printers offers unrivaled quality for applications from office mailrooms to larger mail houses.

Postal Savings

If you are looking to maximise postal savings, we provide a number of options and solutions. Franking is up to 38% cheaper than stamps. We offer postal savings via a 30 day free trial with our franking machines.

For further postal savings, we also supply solutions for bulk mail discounts and address accuracy to cut wasted mailings. For more information on our postal savings options, visit our website and also see our whitepaper on cost saving.

Franking Ink Cartridge

We supply a vast selection of franking ink cartridge options. Our franking ink cartridge products are designed specifically for all Neopost franking machines.

We also supply:

Address Printing

For mail preparation, our envelope and address printing solutions really maximise communication effectiveness. With our address printers and mail/address management software, your mailings are more likely to reach the right person and to be opened.

As well as address printing, further mail preparation services we provide include document creation with output management software to manage content collation and automated folding and inserting machines to maximise productivity.

Franking Solutions

With our franking machines and related products and services, we supply the most comprehensive franking solutions available.

Our franking solutions come from years of franking experience, and our specialist and dedicated team is ready to provide you with in-depth, personal customer care.

Franking Supplies

As well as complete products and a variety of software solutions, we also supply franking supplies and consumables.

Our franking supplies include many differing options in ink cartridges and we also cater for franking label requirements and various other franking and general mailing needs.

Mailing Equipment

We supply an unmatched variety of franking and mailing equipment to improve handling of mail preparation, outbound mail and incoming mail. Whatever the size of organisation or volume of mail, we have solutions.

Mailing equipment and services we supply include envelope printing, letter openers, folding inserting machines and even mailroom furniture.

Franking Labels

Within our broad selection of supplies and consumables, we also supply extensive options in franking labels for use on packets that cannot pass through the machine. Ordering your franking labels and various other supplies from us rewards you with many benefits.

They include:

  • Order franking supplies and stationery together - save on administration time and multiple supplier invoices
  • Dedicated account manager - can't find what you want? Don't have the time to look? We'll do it for you
  • FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY - on stationery orders for those last minute essentials

Postal Franking Machines

We provide many differing options in postal franking machines to help you cut costs, improve productivity and present a more professional image. Neopost postal franking machines are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and are applicable to many differing application requirements. No matter what your desired specification may be, we are sure to have the postal franking machine for you.

As well as our diverse and unsurpassed product range, we also offer a franking machine 30 day free trial for the award winning entry level Autostamp2 machine.

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