Nero Signs (Glass/Designs) Ltd.

Nero Designs provide a professional and comprehensive glass design, manufacturing and installation service for contemporary and traditional glass projects in the UK and overseas.

Using fifty years of experience in the glass design world, the company works closely with clients on all aspects of glass projects from concept, through design development, to completion. We have thousands of prestigious projects to our name that have benefited from our friendly, creative, and innovative approach.

Nero provides glass design for both the structural and artistic elements of both commercial and private projects. Including floors, doors, tables and shelves, through shower cubicles and splash-backs, to partitions, signage or decorative features.

The processes we utilize to create the glass designs include, 'UV' gluing, acid etching, sandblasting, transparent and opaque colouring techniques, silvering and gilding, allied to a variety of manual and computer based techniques, including silkscreen printing.

We specialize in edge illuminated glass designs for use as corporate signage, artistic features, partitions or even floors.

Nero Signs (Glass/Designs) Ltd. Overview